How to Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Curls with Vigorol

How to Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Curls with Vigorol
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Understanding Your Curls

Having beautiful, healthy curls starts with understanding your curl type. Those with looser waves can get away with more simple routines, while tight coils may need more moisture and styling care. Figure out where your texture falls on the spectrum and cater your regimen accordingly.

Cleansing Curls Properly

It's tempting to shampoo daily, but this strips away the natural oils that curls need. Aim to cleanse once a week at most, and focus on your scalp rather than lengths. When you do lather up, spend time massaging the scalp to lift dirt and buildup. Then rinse thoroughly.

Using a sulfate-free shampoo made for curls, like Vigorol Maximum Shine Shampoo, prevents over-drying while giving hair a glossy, bouncy look. Follow with an ultra-hydrating conditioner, concentrating on the mid-lengths down to ends. Let it soak in for a few minutes before rinsing.

Styling Soaking Wet Hair

Towel drying creates frizz in curly hair, so style strands when they're still sopping wet. Work in a nourishing curl cream, like Vigorol Maximum Shine Curl Perfecting Cream, section by section. Ensure every strand is coated before raking through with fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

For more definition, scrunch in a gel like Vigorol Frizz Control Styling Gel. Use a T-shirt or microfiber towel to gently soak up any dripping wetness if needed. Then let hair air dry or diffuse for maximum volume.

Essential Daily Curl Care

Taking time to show curls some TLC each day keeps them healthy and vibrant.

Refresh With a Spritz of Water

Misting hair with water, along with a dollop of leave-in conditioner, brings bounce back to limp curls. For best results, store the mix in a spray bottle. Lightly spritz curls then scrunch, twist and lift pieces to reboot shape.

Adding a few pumps of Vigorol Maximum Shine Curl Enhancing Mousse to the bottle provides extra nourishment and soft hold. The proteins and botanicals in the mousse also protect against humidity for longer-lasting style.

Fight Frizz Between Washes

Using targeted frizz-fighting products keeps strands sleek and defined. Work a small amount of Vigorol Anti-Frizz Polishing Serum through the mid-lengths and ends or apply as a finishing touch to flyaways.

The serum's smooth, lightweight formula containing shea butter and aloe vera tames fuzz while locking in moisture. For extra polish, finish with a touch of hair oil concentrated on ends.

Protect Curls at Night

Curls are vulnerable to breakage and tangles as you sleep. Wearing a soft satin cap or scarf prevents friction that causes damage. For extra protection, loosely tie hair in a top knot bun first before covering.

Silk or satin pillowcases provide a smooth surface as an alternative. This allows curls to rest freely without disruption, helping maintain their spring.

Deep Condition & Protein Treatments

While daily TLC keeps curls happy between washes, they need an extra surge of moisture and strength sometimes. That's where deep conditioning and protein treatments come in.

How to Deep Condition

Every two weeks or so, trade your regular conditioner for an ultra-hydrating masque. Vigorol Intense Moisture Renewal Mask nourishes thirsty strands with rich butters and oils. Apply it freshly washed, soaking wet hair and let it penetrate under a plastic cap.

Heat helps the formula sink in further, so sit under a hooded dryer or wrap hair in a warm towel. Rinse after 20-30 minutes and style as usual for supreme softness.

Use Protein to Fortify Weak Strands

Over time, damage from heat styling, chemical processing and manipulation diminishes curl integrity. Protein treatments reinforce and rebuild weakened areas prone to breakage. They work by filling gaps in the hair cuticles.

Vigorol Repairing Protein Cream helps restore elasticity and strength when used weekly. Apply it like conditioner on wet strands after shampooing and let sit for five to ten minutes. Rinse, then follow with a moisture-rich conditioner or mask.

Protective Hairstyles for Curl Longevity

Giving curls a break from constant heat and manipulation does them a world of good. Protective styles provide a nourishing respite so they stay resilient.

Low Manipulation with Twists or Braids

Easy twists and braids give hair a chance to rest without having to hide it away. Keeping parted sections moisturized as you go prevents tugging and tangling.

Mist hair with water first then apply a cream like Vigorol Twist & Braid Cream or butter. Twist larger pieces going back or intricately cornrow for a pretty pattern. Finish off twisted ends with decorative beads or cuffs for extra style.

Cover Up with a Weave or Wig

Installing a weave or wig lets natural hair take a complete break underneath. First ensure curls are thoroughly conditioned and detangled to prevent knots. Then braid hair into a wig-ready dome pattern close to the scalp using a moisturizing braid spray.

Sew the weave tracks or wig securely overtop, leaving some hair out in the front for a seamless blend if desired. Be sure to maintain moisture under the install by spraying braids with water or oil twice a week.

Following an attentive curl care routine while letting strands periodically rest keeps texture healthy and full of life. With the right products and techniques for your unique waves, curls pop with resilience.

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