Aftermarket BMW F32 4 Series Spoilers - Aerodynamics and Style Upgrades

Aftermarket BMW F32 4 Series Spoilers - Aerodynamics and Style Upgrades
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Enhancing the Aerodynamics of the BMW F32 4 Series

The BMW F32 platform underpins the sleek and sporty 4 Series coupe models from 2014-2020. With its low and wide stance, two-door profile, and powerful engine options, the 4 Series turns heads wherever it goes. One popular way F32 owners enhance both styling and high-speed handling is adding an aftermarket rear spoiler.

Purpose and Function of a Rear Spoiler

A rear spoiler serves dual purposes in improving vehicle aerodynamics. At speed, it reduces lift on the rear axle for better stability and traction. A quality spoiler also increases downward force over the rear wheels which aids grip, braking and cornering performance.

Aftermarket spoilers are carefully tested in wind tunnels and designed to integrate seamlessly with the factory contours and lines of the 4 Series. Premier manufacturers use materials like ABS plastic or carbon fiber to deliver a perfect balance of weight savings and strength.

Considerations When Selecting an Aftermarket Spoiler

Those browsing the many F32 4 Series spoiler options should evaluate a few key factors:

  • Material - ABS plastic blends affordability and durability, while carbon fiber delivers exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Fitment - Precision engineering ensures a tight seal between spoiler and liftgate for proper airflow guidance.
  • Style - Choose between subtle enhancements like a deck lid spoiler, or more aggressive lips and wings depending on preferences.
  • Hardware - Quality mounting plates, braces and adhesives provide reliable installation and a perfect fit.

Installing a 4 Series F32 Spoiler

One of the advantages of aftermarket spoilers is how simple installation is thanks to precisely engineered mounting solutions. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Clean and degrease the rear deck lid area thoroughly to promote adhesion.
  2. Test fit the spoiler and make any adjustments to ensure proper alignment.
  3. Install mounting plates and hardware according to manufacturer instructions.
  4. Carefully lower the spoiler into position and apply pressure for 1-2 minutes to maximize bonding strength.
  5. Allow full bonding cure time before high speeds or aggressive driving.

With basic mechanical skills and following the detailed instructions, owners can install an aftermarket spoiler securely on their BMW 4 Series in under an hour with professional-quality results.

Aftermarket Spoiler Options for F32 4 Series Platforms

Those researching aftermarket spoiler solutions for the BMW F32 4 Series will find a diverse range of options from reputable manufacturers to elevate the look and performance of their vehicle. Here are some of the most popular models for customizing an F32:

BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

As the factory option, the Performance Carbon Fiber spoiler integrates flawlessly into the F32’s design aesthetic. Constructed from 100% carbon fiber in a high-gloss finish, it also delivers excellent aerodynamics. For owners wanting a subtle OEM upgrade, it is hard to beat the looks and functionality of this model.

Rennen Rear Lip Spoiler

The Rennen lip spoiler extends around the contours of the rear deck lid for a seamless enhancement. Its 50mm height helps guide airflow and adds a more aggressive element to the 4 Series rear. Constructed from premier polyurethane in a matte black finish, this spoiler is sleek and durable.

BMW M4 Style Carbon Fiber Wing

Inspired by the Legendary BMW M4, this high-rise carbon fiber wing takes rear downforce to the next level. Its dual wickerbill design provides both style and optimal aero, while carbon fiber construction assures strength and reliability. Painted carbon fiber finishes are available to match or contrast the existing color scheme.

These F32 spoiler options just highlight the diversity BMW owners have for customizing their vehicle. By partnering with a premier supplier that specializes in aftermarket BMW parts, 4 Series owners can realize a new level of style, performance and exclusivity.

Active Lifestyle and Community of BMW F32 Owners

The BMW F32 4 Series fosters an entire community and active lifestyle for its enthusiast owners. Weekend drives over curvy mountain roads or early morning runs out to the beach become regular routines. Owners connect at cars and coffee gatherings or BMW club events and rallies around shared passion.

Pacific Coast Highway Cruises

The flowing lines of the 4 Series seem destined for iconic driving routes like the Pacific Coast Highway. Dropping the top on a 435i convertible and enjoying the ocean air and views of the California coast create lasting memories and connections.

Park City Mountain Adventures

The mixture of highway performance and BMW’s renowned luxury make the F32 4 Series the perfect year-round vehicle for destinations like Park City, Utah. It easily switches from carving mountain twisties in winter months to top-down drives through mountain vistas in the summer.

Atlanta Motorsports Park

For those wanting to experience the true performance potential of their 4 Series coupe, the Atlanta Motorsports Park offers a world-class driving experience. This dedicated facility with a 2.5 mile track, karting, and amenities attracts F32 enthusiasts wanting to form community around exhilarating driving.

Whether enjoying solitary early morning drives or connecting with other owners at events, the BMW F32 invites an adventurous and passionate lifestyle. With the right aftermarket spoiler upgrade owners can make good on that promise of performance and fun in the corners.


How does an aftermarket spoiler enhance performance of my BMW F32?

Spoilers improve high-speed stability by reducing rear lift. They also increase rear downforce for better grip and traction through corners. Quality spoilers are extensively tested to integrate seamlessly with the F32's design.

What types of materials are F32 spoilers constructed from?

Most aftermarket F32 spoilers are constructed from ABS plastic or carbon fiber. ABS plastic blends cost efficiency with durability. 100% carbon fiber delivers exceptional strength and weight savings.

What are some popular aftermarket spoiler styles for the 4 Series?

Choices range from subtle OEM-style upgrades like a carbon fiber deck lip to more aggressive options like a dual-wickerbill high-rise wing. The style selected depends on preferences.

How difficult is it to install these aftermarket spoilers?

Installation is straightforward when following the detailed instructions. With basic tools and mechanical skills, most owners can install an aftermarket spoiler in around one hour or less.

What kind of lifestyle and community exists around F32 ownership?

From coastal cruises to BMW club events, the 4 Series fosters an active, passionate lifestyle for enthusiasts. Aftermarket spoiler upgrades let owners better enjoy curvy back roads with improved high-speed handling.

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