Get Gorgeous with Supreme Eyelash Extension Care Tips

Get Gorgeous with Supreme Eyelash Extension Care Tips
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What are Supreme Eyelash Extensions?

Supreme eyelash extensions are a premium brand of eyelash extensions made from high-quality synthetic fibers. They are designed to be ultra-lightweight, flexible, and durable while still looking and feeling natural. Supreme lashes come in a variety of curls, lengths, thicknesses which allows for extreme customization to fit your client's unique eye shape and desired look.

Benefits of Supreme Eyelash Extensions

There are many benefits of using Supreme eyelash extensions for clients instead of drugstore false lashes or other lash extension brands:

  • Lightweight fibers are comfortable to wear and don't damage natural lashes
  • Custom mix curls, lengths, thickness for a bespoke look
  • Retain curl well without going droopy or straight
  • Smooth and shiny finish that looks lavish
  • Can be worn daily for weeks with proper care
  • Vegan and cruelty-free fibers available

How to Apply Supreme Eyelash Extensions

Applying Supreme eyelash extensions requires precision, care, and the right techniques to ensure client safety, comfort and a flawless final look. Here is an overview of the lash application process:

  1. Clean the eye area thoroughly and brush natural lashes
  2. Select the proper eyelash curl, length, thickness for each eye
  3. Isolate one natural lash and adhere a single extension using quality lash glue
  4. Wait for glue to become tacky before setting the extension
  5. Build desired fullness across lash line one lash at a time
  6. Separate and detail lashes after application is complete

It's critical to not overload the natural lashes with too many extensions. Proper isolation and lash-to-lash gluing techniques help prevent lash damage and uneven looking sets. Assign thicker volumes towards the outer corners and shorter, lighter lashes towards the inner corners for a seamless finish.

How to Care for Supreme Eyelash Extensions

Caring properly for eyelash extension sets is vital for longevity and reducing natural lash loss. Here are key care tips when wearing Supreme lashes:


  • Use a lash-safe, oil-free cleanser only
  • Cleanse lashes daily by lightly spraying cleanser onto a soft brush
  • Gently brush lashes using a sideways motion to avoid excess moisture
  • Pat dry immediately after with lint-free pad or towel

Avoiding Moisture

  • Keep away from steam, excessive heat, and humidity
  • Don't expose to direct shower spray or long baths
  • Gently dab skin and lashes dry if wet instead of rubbing
  • Use a lash fan brush to dry lashes if needed

Sleeping and Makeup

  • Sleep on back and use a soft lash pillow
  • Use an oil-free lash-safe makeup remover before bedtime
  • Apply light mascara only and no waterproof formulas
  • Carefully remove eye makeup using cotton pads

Avoiding oil-based products around the eyes is critical to prevent breakage. Be very gentle when cleaning, applying eye products or touching lashes.

How to Remove Supreme Eyelash Extensions

Over time, the eyelash extensions will shed naturally as the natural lashes grow out. Extensions typically last 4-8 weeks with proper care. To remove the extensions, there are a few safe options:

Let Them Shed Naturally

If the extensions are reaching 4 weeks or so, you can simply let them shed off on their own as the natural lashes grow out. This gentle option prevents pulling out lashes prematurely.

Lash Removal Solution

Specialized lash removal liquids help gently dissolve the bond of the glue so extensions slide off without tugging the natural lashes. This helps shorten the shedding timeline to 2-3 weeks.

Lash Artist Removal

Seeing your lash artist for a removal about every 2-3 weeks is safest. They can precisely remove extensions using steam, remover, or tweezers without mis-removing lashes. This also allows them to assess natural lash health and growth.

Avoid aggressively pulling off extensions yourself. This can rip out natural lashes leading to gaps and sparse areas in the lash line. Letting them shed off gently over time is ideal.

Aftercare Once Extensions Are Removed

Once lash extensions have been removed through shedding or professional removal, the natural lashes and skin may need some TLC to recover.

Soothing Gel Pads

Gel eye pads can help soothe the eye area after extensions are gone. Cooling cucumber or aloe vera gel pads reduce inflammation and revive fatigued eyes.

Hydrating Eye Cream

Using a hydrating eye cream supports newly exposed lashes and skin, restoring moisture and vitality. Look for nutrient-dense formulas with peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid.

Lash Conditioning Serums

Serums infused with vitamins and botanical oils strengthen bare lashes and stimulate growth after extension wear. Apply along the lash lines daily focusing on areas that need regrowth.

With attentive removal and aftercare, even sensitive eyes can enjoy lush Supreme eyelash extensions again when desired!


How long do supreme eyelash extensions last?

With proper at-home care, supreme eyelash extensions typically last 4-8 weeks before shedding off naturally as your natural lashes grow out. Going longer than 8 weeks risks damage.

Can I wear mascara with extensions?

Light, oil-free mascara formulas may be worn over extensions but must be removed gently every night. Avoid waterproof mascaras which can cause early shedding.

Will extensions ruin my natural lashes?

When applied and removed properly, extensions will not damage natural lashes. Avoid overloading lashes and pulling off extensions forcefully to prevent lash loss.

Can I still curl & style my natural lashes?

Avoid using eyelash curlers or perming/lifting kits while wearing extensions as the process and chemicals can cause shedding. Finger-pinch curling gently is okay.

How often should I infill my extensions?

Expect to fill gaps every 2-3 weeks as some extensions shed. This helps maintain fullness. If more than 40% have shed, a full removal and new set is best.

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