Pineapple Paper Towel Holders: The Ultimate Guide and BestFinds

Pineapple Paper Towel Holders: The Ultimate Guide and BestFinds
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The Popularity of Pineapple Decor and Paper Towel Holders

Pineapples have become an iconic symbol and popular decorative motif in recent years. Known for symbolizing warmth and hospitality, the pineapple's image can be found printed and embossed on everything from towels and napkins to plates, candles, and other household items.

One of the most recent pineapple home trends is pineapple-shaped paper towel holders. Offering both form and function, these cute holders have been popping up more frequently in kitchens and bathrooms for convenient paper towel storage and display.

The Appeal of Pineapple Decor

Pineapples first became a sign of welcoming in early American history when sea captains returning from the tropics would spear pineapples on their gateposts. The rare and expensive pineapple fruit signified that guests would find generous hospitality within.

Later, early New Englanders crafted pinecone wreaths with pineapples on top as a symbol of friendship and warmth. Over time, the classic colonial pineapple motif has experienced revived popularity and can add a touch of vibrant character to any contemporary home.

Pineapple Paper Towel Holder Benefits

Pineapple paper towel holders offer much more than just visual appeal for your kitchen or bathroom. These creatively designed holders provide some great benefits and features beyond their novelty pineapple shape:

  • Convenient storage for paper towels or napkins
  • Hanging ring or freestanding base for versatile placement
  • Decorative accent that instantly livens up a room's style
  • Fun conversational piece for guests
  • Practical organization for an often-used item
  • Whimsical addition to any pineapple-themed decor

Where to Buy a Pineapple Paper Towel Holder

The recent increase in demand for pineapple household accessories, especially paper towel holders, has opened up several purchasing options. You can find a variety of well-made pineapple holders through online and in-store retailers. Here are some top places to buy:


Known for its playful, boho-inspired home furnishings and decor, Anthropologie offers some extremely cute pineapple finds. Browse an array of creatively shaped ceramic, metal, and wooden pineapple holders perfect for Napkins or paper towels.


Search Amazon's massive online marketplace for the largest selection of pineapple paper towel holders at every price point. Find everything from basic bronze holders under $15 to large rattan and driftwood wall holders costing over $100.


Check the dollar spot, kitchen organization, and home decor aisles in your local Target store or online. Target stocks a nice variety of pineapple paper towel holders in materials like metal, wood, ceramic, and more to match any decor style.


For completely unique, handmade pineapple paper towel holders, Etsy offers an enormous range of one-of-a-kind options. Talented artisans on Etsy sell beautiful pineapple holders in stoneware, polymer clay, macrame, pipe cleaners, resin, and additional mediums.

5 Great Pineapple Paper Towel Holders to Buy Now

Not sure where to even begin browsing the many pineapple holder options available today? Check out these top-rated paper towel holders that will add a fun pop of pineapple charm to your kitchen or bath decor:

1. Kate and Laurel Roly Poly Pineapple Holder

This lightweight resin pineapple holder features a bright, cheery yellow finish and cute green leafy plume. The eyelash-esque bristles hold napkins or towels securely while adding a whimsical accent.

2. GA Home Fashions Metal Wire Holder with Wooden Base

This sturdy iron wire pineapple shape has an authentic textured finish that resembles a real pineapple's skin. The wooden block base allows for freestanding counter placement.

3. Mkono Macrame Wall Hanging Holder

If you love bohemian style, this hand-woven cotton macrame and seagrass wall hanging holder makes a beautiful statement. Durable enough for paper towels, its loose weave suits lightweight napkins best.

4. Nicetree Cute Ceramic Double Holder

This set of two shiny ceramic pineapple holders are just too adorable! Available in five juicy citrus shades like yellow, green and orange, they hold paper towels or napkins with tidy built-in storage below.

5. GOHO Stylish Bronze Holder with Shelf

The antique bronze finish and shapely silhouette gives this sculptural holder loads of style. Beside conveniently holding paper towels, it has a smooth wood shelf perfect for displaying your favorite decor pieces.

Design Tips for Styling with a Pineapple Holder

A creatively shaped pineapple holder acts as a focal point and inspires the rest of your kitchen or bathroom decor. Use these tips to help your pineapple holder shine:

Play Up the Pineapple Theme

Leaning into the pineapple motif creates fun cohesive style. Layer in pineapple accents like patterned towels, carved wood signs, or even pineapple door knobs and handles.

Mix Materials

Offset a ceramic pineapple holder by pairing it with towels in natural materials like linen, seagrass, jute or cotton. Or, try showcasing a metal or wood holder against stoneware canisters and crockery.

Add Pops of Color

Pineapples automatically conjure a feeling of brightness. Introduce cheery complementary hues like coral, lime green, sky blue, and sunny yellow through kitchenware and textiles.

Incorporate Rattan or Wicker

The texture of woven rattan and wicker make the perfect home for a pineapple piece. Accent your holder with baskets, mats, storage containers or wastebaskets for tropical vibes.

Let Your Pineapple Holder Shine

A pineapple holder casts such an energetic and lively mood all on its own. Keep nearby countertops and walls clutter-free to let your pineapple holder take center stage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions about purchasing or using cute pineapple paper towel holders? Here we'll answer some commonly asked questions:

Are pineapple paper towel holders only for the kitchen?

Definitely not! Though they're extremely popular displayed on kitchen counters, pineapple holders work wonderfully in bathrooms too. Hang one on your wall, place near the vanity or set out for guest towels.

How do you clean a pineapple paper towel holder?

Care instructions vary slightly by material. Ceramic, metal and seagrass holders can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. For more porous materials like wood, gently dust with a dry soft brush.

How much weight can a pineapple holder support?

Again, durability ranges quite a bit. Sturdy materials like metal, resin, cement and wood holders can handle a full paper towel roll just fine. More delicate materials work better for lightweight paper napkins.

Can you use a pineapple holder for toilet paper?

We don't recommend it! Though cute in theory, most decorative pineapple holders lack the proper support and stability for a big toilet paper roll. Stick to paper towels and napkins to prevent toppling.

What are some cute ways to display a pineapple holder?

Pineapple holders look fab displayed many ways, like:

  • Hanging on the wall near the stove or sink
  • Placed on the kitchen, bathroom or bar counter
  • Tucked in an empty corner or blank wall space
  • Grouped with other tropical accents like potted palms
  • Holding coordinating patterned towels or napkins
  • Sitting atop a decorative tray or fruit bowl
  • Presenting guest hand towels near the bathroom mirror

With endless possible placements and so many creative holders to choose from, there's no reason not to add a little extra pineapple personality wherever you need an organizational lift!

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