Craft Your Own Hilarious Ugly Sweater Bottle Covers for Holiday Parties

Craft Your Own Hilarious Ugly Sweater Bottle Covers for Holiday Parties
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The Popularity of Ugly Sweater Bottle Covers

Ugly sweater parties have become popular holiday events in recent years. As people come together to celebrate in the festively tacky attire, they often bring along themed beverages to match. Decorating drink bottles with ugly sweater-inspired covers is a fun way to get into the silly spirit. With a bit of creativity and DIY flair, you can make your own stands-out at the party.

Benefits of Ugly Sweater Bottle Covers

Bottle covers provide a variety of benefits that can enhance your ugly sweater party experience:

  • Personalize your drinks - Add a memorable, silly touch that captures your personality
  • Protect your tabletops - Cozy fabric covers prevent condensation rings
  • Keep your drinks cooler - Insulated fabrics maintain your beverages’ temperature
  • Show your holiday spirit - Get into the tacky theme with smiles all around

Materials to Make Your Own

Making DIY ugly sweater bottle covers is easy! All you need is:

  • Ugly sweater-patterned fabric - Pieces of ugly Christmas sweaters or festive flannel fabrics
  • Foam insulation - To keep drinks chilled and add structure
  • Tape - Strong double-sided tape or fabric glue
  • Elastic cord - To secure the cover around bottles
  • Festive embellishments - Pompoms, jingle bells, ribbons etc (optional)

Instructions for Sewing Covers

Follow these simple DIY sewing steps:

  1. Cut fabric pieces to wrap around your bottle
  2. Cut foam into an insert shape to slip bottles inside
  3. Sew the edges of the fabric closed with right sides together
  4. Turn cover right side out and insert foam piece
  5. Add elastic cord through the gathered fabric edge
  6. Get creative with extra embellishments if desired!

No-Sew Methods for Quick Covers

If you’re short on time or not crafty with a needle and thread, use this faster no-sew technique:

  1. Wrap fabric cut to size around bottle
  2. Secure overlapping edges with double-sided tape or fabric glue
  3. Wrap flannel or foam around bottle over the fabric
  4. Finish by tying an elastic through the gathered top

Ideas for Festive Fabric Prints & Embellishments

Make your handmade ugly sweater bottle covers stand out! Choose fun fabrics and decorations like:

  • Fair Isle prints - Classic Nordic-inspired patterns
  • Winter woodland prints - Snowy pine trees and cardinals
  • Buffalo check plaids - Black & red or green & red
  • Positive slogan prints - Joy, hope, peace, love etc.
  • Pom pom fringe - Add playful texture and movement
  • Jingle bells - Ring in holiday cheer!

Incorporating Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For the ultimate ugly sweater party statement, upcycle pieces of old Christmas sweaters! Cut out fun areas of sweater prints to applique onto your bottle covers. Sweater sections featuring 3D elements like bows, bells and pom poms can also help embellish.

Raid thrift stores in the off-season to score deals on sweaters to cut up. Keep things eco-friendly by repurposing and giving forgotten sweaters renewed life as hilarious bottle cozies.

Hosting a DIY Ugly Sweater Party

Once your ugly sweater bottle covers are complete, it’s time to bring them out and party! Get friends together before the holidays to craft and celebrate.

Ideas for Fun Group Activities

Host a memorable ugly sweater event with activities like:

  • Covered bottle competitions - Award prizes for the funniest, most creative etc.
  • Ugly sweater Karaoke - Belt out cheesy songs in your finest knits
  • Cheesy holiday movie viewings - Enjoy tacky favorites like Elf and Christmas Vacation
  • White elephant gift exchanges - Steal silly sweaters and holiday trinkets
  • Holiday classic singalongs - Channel Buddy the Elf enthusiasm
  • Ugly sweater group photos - Capture the laughter and memories

Incorporating Other Themed Elements

Take your home’s holiday aesthetic up a notch alongside your sweater and bottle décor by adding elements like:

  • Festive table settings - Glitter pine cones, mini bottle brush trees
  • Wintry backdrop - Snowflake window clings, string lights, tinsel garlands
  • Punch bowl bar - Hot spiced cranberry or apple ciders
  • Candy bar - Christmas cookies, peppermint bark, hot chocolate bar
  • Tacky playlists - *NSYNC’s Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas etc.

Trendy All Year Long

While ugly sweater parties thrive during the holiday season, quirky handmade bottle covers can be fun year-round!

Getting Crafty for Other Occasions

Let your creativity run wild making cozies suited for other spirited celebrations:

  • Birthdays - Bold colors and prints with fun confetti inside
  • Weddings - Romantic florals and lace with faux pearls and crystals
  • Baby showers - Sweet pastels with ruffled edges and bows
  • Bachelorette parties - Glitter and feathers galore!
  • Sports games - Team colors and logos
  • Patriotic holidays - Red, white and blue with stars and stripes

Everyday Use Just for Fun

Or ditch the occasion altogether! Handmade bottle covers put smiles on faces and spread joy simply for everyday use. We could all use a little more whimsical fun in our lives.

Let the laughter roll with quirky covers on your morning smoothies, water bottles for work and school, sports practice drinks, family dinners and beyond. The ideas are endless!


What size bottles can ugly sweater covers fit?

Covers can be sewn to fit standard 12-20 oz water bottles, beer bottles, small liquor bottles, and more. Size your pattern's width, height, and elastic cord to snugly fit your bottle of choice.

Can I machine wash ugly sweater bottle covers?

It's best to spot clean covers by hand or machine wash on cold and air dry to preserve embellishments and maintain structure. Choose durable fabrics and attachments like hot glue and stitching if planning to launder.

Where can I find ugly Christmas sweater fabric?

Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart often carry novelty prints year-round featuring Fair Isle patterns, snowflakes, reindeer, and more perfect for bottle covers.

What glues work best on fabrics and foam?

Fabric glue, hot glue, and E6000 are good versatile adhesive options. Test small areas first and check washability if machine washing finished covers.

Can I make ugly sweater covers without sewing?

Absolutely! No-sew methods using hot glue or fabric tape provide a quick alternative to stitching for non-crafty folks. Follow our no-sew tutorial for guidance.

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