Wiz Smart Pads - The Ultimate Leak-Proof Indoor Dog Potty Solution

Wiz Smart Pads - The Ultimate Leak-Proof Indoor Dog Potty Solution
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Introducing Wiz Smart Pads - The Leak-Proof Indoor Dog Potty Solution

Pet owners know that potty training dogs, especially puppies, can be quite the challenge. Accidents on the carpet and floor are inevitable when Fido needs to go at inopportune times. Thankfully, Wiz Smart pads offer the perfect indoor dog potty solution to contain those accidents and make clean up a breeze.

What Are Wiz Smart Pads?

Wiz Smart pads are ultra-absorbent pee pads designed specifically for dogs to use indoors as a designated potty area. These leak-proof pads have a plastic backing and sealed edges that prevent liquids from seeping onto your floors. The top layer pulls moisture away into the absorbent inner layers of the pad.

The pads use advanced quick-dry technology to turn liquid to gel on contact. Each pad can hold over 30 fluid ounces before needing to be replaced. The heavyweight structure also withstands digging and scratching paws.

Key Features of Wiz Smart Pads

What makes Wiz Smart pads stand out from regular potty pads?

  • Super absorbent layers lock in odor and liquid
  • Waterproof plastic backing stops leaks
  • Sealed edges keep moisture inside pad
  • Withstands digging claws and paws
  • Built-in attractant encourages potty use
  • Easy-tear perforations for quick changes
  • Odor eliminating technology

Benefits of Using Wiz Smart Pads

Switching to Wiz Smart pads offers many advantages over regular potty training pads or newspaper.

  1. No more leaks destroying your floors
  2. Locks in odors so your home smells fresh
  3. Easy clean up - just lift and dispose
  4. Designated potty area helps reinforce training
  5. Perfect for senior dogs, rescues, and medical issues
  6. Ideal solution for apartment dwelling pups
  7. Prevents accidents while owners are away

How Often Do Pads Need Replacement?

With Wiz Smart pads' incredible absorbency, they require less frequent changes than regular pads. One pad lasts an average size dog an entire day before needing swap out. For larger breeds or multi-dog homes, tailored replacement schedules are:

  • Small dogs - 1 pad every 1-2 days
  • Medium dogs - 1-2 pads daily
  • Large breeds - 2+ pads daily
  • Multi-dog homes - 1 pad per dog every 8-12 hours

Introducing the Stay-Put Tab Design

Ever have issues with pads sliding all over the place? Wiz Smart pads have an innovative four tab anchor system to adhere them firmly to any hard flooring surface. The stay-put tabs grip smoothly without damaging floors or leaving residue behind. Tabs also have a male dog cut out for easy access.

Where to Use Wiz Smart Pads

Thanks to the leak-proof construction, Wiz Smart pads work great in any location your pooch frequents. Common placement spots include:

  • Laundry room or mud room
  • Bathroom area
  • Patio balcony
  • Spot near doggy door
  • Apartment balcony/porch
  • Corrals or exercise pens
  • Backseat/cargo area of vehicles

Tips for Transitioning Dogs Onto the Pads

Making the switch? Try these handy tips:

  1. Temporary confinement helps reinforce training
  2. Set pads in frequent potty zones like old spots
  3. Use pet-safe cleaners to fully eliminate odors
  4. Toss a used pad atop new pad to encourage use
  5. Use verbal cues like “go potty” when on pad
  6. Reward with treats & praise for using pads

Why Choose Wiz Over Regular Potty Pads?

At first glance, Wiz Smart pads may seem similar to everyday potty training pads. However, the differences in quality, effectiveness and value become incredibly clear upon closer comparison.

Wiz Smart Pads vs Regular Pee Pads

  Wiz Smart Pads Regular Pee Pads
Absorbency Holds 30+ oz Holds 10-15 oz
Odor Control Sealed moisture barrier Minimal odor control
Leak Prevention Waterproof backing & edges Frequent leaks
Pad Structure 7 layers, heavyweight 2-3 thin layers
Attachment 4 corner stay-put tabs Loose lying
Cost Per Pad Around $1 each Around $0.17 each

When it comes to effectively containing accidents, controlling odors, maintaining an affordable budget, and simplifying housebreaking, Wiz Smart pads prove vastly superior in every single category.

Bringing You Leak-Proof Peace of Mind

As any pet parent knows, home life quickly centers around our furry family members. While raising dogs indoors offers many joys, it also poses a few logistical hurdles.

Accidents happen, especially during the progression of potty training and with senior or medically challenged dogs. Unknown visitors may experience marking territory incidents. Plus leaving unattended pups at home for long work days increases chances for pee and poo mishaps around the house.

Thankfully, Wiz Smart pads provide the ultimate solution for containing indoor accidents while reinforcing good potty habits. These leak-proof pee pads safeguard floors, simplify cleanups, eliminate odors, and give dogs a designated relief area when outdoor options aren’t possible.

Gone are the days of worrying what surprises an unattended pet left behind! With Wiz Smart pads’ advanced quick-dry technology, locked-in layers, and waterproof backing, pet parents finally have leak-proof peace of mind!


How many layers are in Wiz Smart pads?

Wiz Smart pads contain 7 ultra-absorbent layers made of quick-drying polymers and fibers to pull moisture into the pad. The top sheet instantly turns liquid into gel while inner layers hold over 30 oz.

Do the tabs damage hard flooring?

No, the adhesive used on the stay-put tabs will not harm surfaces or leave residue behind when removed. The tabs create a strong grip to prevent pad sliding.

Can pads be used outside?

Wiz Smart pads are designed for indoor use only. The polymer materials could over-absorb moisture and break down if subjected to rainfall. Outdoor areas may have grass, dirt or debris that compromises sealing edges.

What size pad should I get?

Wiz Smart pads come in a standard 23" x 24" size great for average dogs. Multiple pads can be lined up side-by-side for larger breeds or in high traffic areas. Pads should cover potty zones with 2-3 extra inches.

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