The Secret Behind Kai Havertz's Messy Fringe Hairstyle

The Secret Behind Kai Havertz's Messy Fringe Hairstyle
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German soccer superstar Kai Havertz is known for his skill on the pitch, but also his signature hairstyle off of it. With his blond messy fringe falling just above his eyes, Havertz has become a style icon for men looking for a cool yet low maintenance 'do. But how exactly do you achieve this look? Thankfully, popular TikTok hair guru Jimmy the Hairdresser recently shared his tips for nailing Havertz's hairstyle.

Booking Your Appointment

Ask for a Mid Fade on the Sides

The first key to Havertz's cut is keeping the sides and back tapered in a fade. When booking your appointment, ask your barber for a "mid fade" on the sides. This means they will gradually blend the hair shorter as they work down from the top of the ear toward the neckline, creating a seamless transition between lengths.

Go for a Drop Fade in the Back

For the back of the head, request a "drop fade." This adds an extra layer of graduation, taking the hair even shorter at the nape of the neck compared to lower on the sides. The drop fade will give Havertz's style its sleek, contouring effect while keeping longer strands on top.

Keeping Weight in the Sides

Jimmy also advises barbers to be careful not to take the corner where the top meets the sides too high up. Leaving extra hair here will add "weight" or thickness to the sides, helping the top layer fall and frame the face just like Havertz's do.

Cut Lengths

Go Just Below the Eyebrows on Top

For maximum fringe potential, get the top layer cut to right below eyebrow length when dry. Then when it air dries, it will naturally rise up to hover right above the brows in a casual swept style. This is Havertz's secret for achieving peak bedhead appeal without looking like he just rolled out of bed!

Leave Enough Length in the Back

Be sure to let your barber know not to take the back too short. Leaving extra hair flowing into the top layer from behind helps Havertz's style maintain its effortless, connected look instead of appearing choppy.

Perfecting the Messy Finish

Towel Dry Gently

When exiting the shower, towel dry your hair gently without rubbing too much. Over-drying can result in frizz instead of fluff. Let it air dry most of the way for natural movement and texture.

Add a Touch of Product

Run a tiny amount of matte styling cream, wax or paste between your palms and scrunch into the top layer. This will add grip without shine or stiffness. Focus on the front strands near the face.

Use Your Fingers to Fluff

With clean, dry fingers, lightly ruffle and fluff the top layer, scrunching it up and back. Repeat until you achieve Havertz's perfectly imperfect look, with fringe swept up and to the side a bit. Resist the urge to over-fuss and let it fall naturally.

Maintaining the Style

Getting Regular Trims

To maintain Havertz's hairstyle between cuts, get trims every 4-6 weeks as needed to keep layers from growing out. Frequent touch-ups will ensure it always looks freshly cut.

Washing Gently

When washing, be gentle with the top layer and avoid excess scrubbing or rough towel drying that could damage texture. Condition well for softness but don't weigh it down with heavy products.

Using the Right Products

Experiment with matte styling creams, waxes or pastes for touchable hold without crunch or shine. Look for formulas that enhance natural movement and texture rather than trying to tame frizz.

Rocking Kai Havertz's Signature Style

With diligent care, the right haircut and styling techniques mastered, you'll be well on your way to copying Kai Havertz's effortlessly cool fringe for yourself. With some practice, you'll have heads turning everywhere you go in the footballer's unmistakable messy hairstyle. Start turning heads like the soccer star with this insider guide to achieving his signature 'do!

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