Dazzling Ornamental Butterfly Tattoos - Body Art That Makes You Shine

Dazzling Ornamental Butterfly Tattoos - Body Art That Makes You Shine
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The Allure of Ornamental Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies have long been admired for their colorful, intricate wings and graceful flight. It's no wonder they make for such popular tattoo designs. Ornamental butterfly tattoos in particular exemplify the beauty and artistry that can go into body art.

Ornamental tattoos utilize decorative elements like flowers, vines, geometric shapes and paisley patterns to create a intricate, eye-catching design. When centered around the shape of a butterfly, the result is a tattoo that is both feminine and artistic.

Placement for Ornamental Butterfly Tattoos

One of the most popular placements for ornamental butterfly tattoos is the back of the thigh. This area provides a nice, flat canvas that allows for a large, detailed tattoo design to really shine.

Other common body parts for this style of tattoo include:

  • Shoulder blade
  • Ribcage
  • Lower back
  • Ankle
  • Wrist

No matter the specific placement, ornamental butterfly tattoos often follow the natural curves and lines of the body, helping them to look like a seamless part of the skin.

Design Elements

Ornamental butterfly tattoos utilize various design techniques to create a visually striking image:

Symmetrical shapes: Butterfly wings lend themselves perfectly to symmetrical designs, allowing the tattoo artist to create balanced, mirrored images.

Intricate patterns: Swirls, vines, mandalas and geometric patterns adorn the butterfly's wings and body, showing off the artist's attention to detail.

Vibrant colors: Shades like deep purple, ruby red and emerald green make the tattoos pop. Black ink is also used for dramatic contrast.

Background elements: Flowers, leaves, trails of small stars and other embellishments serve as the perfect backdrop for the main butterfly image.

By combining several visual elements in one cohesive design, ornamental butterfly tattoos have an almost three-dimensional quality despite being inked on a flat surface.

The Symbolism Behind Butterfly Tattoos

Beyond their visual appeal, butterflies carry deep symbolic meaning for many people who choose them as a tattoo:

Transformation: A butterfly evolving from an unassuming caterpillar reflects the human potential for profound change and personal growth.

Beauty: A butterfly's vivid, symmetrical wings are intrinsically beautiful, representing a appreciation for aesthetics and nature.

Soul: Some believe that a butterfly's long, graceful flight connects the human soul to greater possibility and freedom.

Femininity: Delicate details like floral patterns play up the feminine energy associated with butterflies.

Of course, not everyone selects an ornamental butterfly tattoo for its symbolic significance. For many, the motivation is purely aesthetic. But layered meaning certainly contributes to this iconic image's mystique and timeless appeal.

Designing Your Own Ornamental Butterfly Tattoo

The process of designing an ornamental butterfly tattoo you'll be proud to wear forever starts with inspiration gathering and thoughtful planning.

Finding Inspiration

Online galleries, Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds offer a treasure trove of ornamental butterfly tattoo ideas. As you browse images, take note of the visual details that catch your eye so you can later incorporate them into your own design.

Pay special attention to the placement, proportions, colors, patterns and ancillary design elements of tattoos that appeal to you. This provides helpful guidance when fleshing out what you want your piece to look like.

It also helps to consider your personal style and preferences. For example, are you drawn to traditional, neo-traditional or new school tattoo aesthetics? Do you prefer colorful or black and grey designs? These answers will direct you towards inspiring images suited to your taste.

Choosing Placement

As noted above, the thighs, ribs, lower back, shoulders and ankles make excellent canvases for ornamental butterfly tattoos. When deciding on placement, consider:

  • How large you want the tattoo to be
  • Whether you want the design to follow a body curve or be placed on a flat surface
  • If the location will allow for potential future tattoo expansion
  • How visible or hidden you want the piece to be

Discuss your preferred placement with your tattoo artist to get their input as well. They may suggest tweaks to help flatter your physique or accommodate future tattoos.

Incorporating Personal Symbolism

The deep symbolic associations butterflies carry can add extra meaning when incorporated intentionally into your tattoo. If concepts like change, beauty, soulfulness or femininity resonate with your spirit, find visual ways to represent those ideas.

For example, placing realistic looking butterflies alongside more graphic, geometric designs conveys the symbolism of transformation. Or framing the main butterfly image with roses and vines emphasizes feminine energy.

You don't have to be overly literal. Subtle hints through colors, textures, shapes and styles communicate symbolism without hitting the viewer over the head. Your tattoo artist can help translate meaningful concepts into compelling visuals.

Getting Your Dream Tattoo Inked

An ornamental butterfly tattoo has the potential to become a stunning showcase of body art on your skin. But realizing that potential depends heavily on choosing the right tattoo artist to make your vision a reality.

Choosing an Artist

Find a tattoo artist experienced in ornamental styles who excels at the design elements you want to incorporate - symmetry, intricate patterns, floral backgrounds, etc. View healed photos of their work to envision how your piece might look post-tattoo.

Schedule a consultation with your top choice artist to discuss the vision for your ornamental butterfly tattoo. A great tattoo artist will attentively listen to what you want and translate your desires into a custom sketch you're thrilled with.

Making sure you and your artist communicate clearly upfront is the best way to avoid disappointment and get the eye-catching tattoo you've been dreaming of.

Caring for Your Tattoo

The work doesn't stop once your ornamental butterfly tattoo is finished! Proper aftercare is crucial for keeping your tattoo looking vibrant.

During the healing process, be vigilant about applying fragrance-free moisturizer, avoiding direct sun exposure, staying out of water and resisting the urge to pick at peeling skin. Pay attention to any signs of infection as well.

Once healed, regularly apply high-quality sunscreen when exposing tattooed skin and exfoliate gently to prevent fading due to dead skin buildup. Also avoid gaining or losing significant weight, which can distort the tattoo over time.

By taking good care of your new work of wearable art, your fresh ornamental butterfly tattoo will continue fluttering beautifully on your skin for years to come!


What is the meaning behind ornamental butterfly tattoos?

Beyond their artistic appeal, butterflies carry symbolic meaning related to transformation, beauty, spirituality and femininity. Ornamental butterfly tattoos allow people to visually represent concepts they personally connect with through the intricate use of colors, patterns and designs.

How can I make my ornamental butterfly tattoo unique?

Work closely with your tattoo artist to create a custom design incorporating visual elements that hold special meaning for you. This could include family symbols, favourite flowers, spiritual icons, initials and other personal touches only you can envision.

How can I find images of ornamental butterfly tattoo inspiration?

Websites like Pinterest and Instagram have thousands of photos showcasing back thigh ornamental butterfly tattoos and other placement variations. Tattoo shop websites also often feature their artists' custom pieces.

How long does it take to get a butterfly thigh tattoo?

The tattooing time depends on the size and complexity of the design, but expect a session between 2-4 hours for a sizable, detailed ornamental butterfly thigh tattoo. Multiple sessions may be needed for extensive artwork covering the whole back of the thigh.

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