Essential Protective Gear for Safe OneWheel Riding

Essential Protective Gear for Safe OneWheel Riding
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The Importance of Safety Gear When Riding OneWheels

OneWheels have exploded in popularity over the past few years. These electric self-balancing skateboards allow you to glide effortlessly over all types of terrain. OneWheels are extremely fun to ride, but they can also be dangerous if proper precautions aren't taken.

That's why wearing proper onewheel safety gear is absolutely crucial whenever you go for a ride. The right protective equipment can prevent serious injuries in the event of an accident or fall.


The most vital piece of onewheel safety gear is an adequate helmet. OneWheel riders can easily reach speeds of 15+ mph. Falling at that speed can result in a traumatic brain injury if your head strikes the ground or an object.

When choosing a OneWheel helmet, opt for a full face model that protects your entire head. Look for a helmet with strong impact absorption and ensure it fits snugly while still being comfortable.

Wrist Guards

Wrist injuries are extremely prevalent among OneWheel riders. That's because it's human instinct to catch yourself with your hands when falling. Onewheel safety gear like wrist guards help prevent breaks, sprains, and fractures in your wrists.

Wrist guards fit over your palms and wrap around to stabilize your wrist joint. High quality guards will have splints to restrict wrist flexion and padding to cushion any impacts.

Elbow & Knee Pads

After head trauma, injuries to elbows and knees are the next most common among OneWheel riders. Pavement is extremely hard and unforgiving when skin meets asphalt at 15 mph.

To protect these vulnerable joints, riders should wear durable elbow and knee pads. Look for pads that use a hard shell backing with shock absorbing padding. Make sure they fit properly while still being comfortable.

Other Critical Protective OneWheel Gear

In addition to basic protection for your head, wrists, elbows and knees, some supplementary onewheel safety gear can also drastically improve your safety while riding.

Hand Protection

Special slide gloves can safeguard your hands if you need to brake or catch yourself in a fall. These specialized gloves have molded plastic pucks on the palms and fingertips which allow you to slide across the ground safely.

Hip Pads

Extra padding for your hips can provide additional shock absorption and cushioning when bailing. Look for low profile hip pads that contour to your hips without restricting motion.

Ankle Support

Because OneWheels have a narrow foot platform, riders are prone to rolling their ankles. Wearing supportive ankle braces helps guard this injury prone joint if you need to bail quickly.

Back Protection

Spinal injuries can have tragic, lifelong consequences. That's why many OneWheelers invest in upper body protection as well. Look for lightweight, ventilated back protectors offering maximum shielding.

Buying Guide for OneWheel Protective Gear

Not all onewheel safety gear is created equal when it comes to quality and effectiveness. Use this buying guide when selecting protective gear for your Onewheel:

Coverage Area

Ensure the safety gear adequately covers vulnerable injury zones like joints, torsos and heads. Pieces should overlay all sides including front, back and lateral.

High Quality Materials

Opt for gear constructed from premium materials like D3O, Koroyd, EPS and EVA polymers. These high end components provide maximum impact diffusion for best protection.

Proper Fit

Gear that's uncomfortably tight or restrictively loose won't properly protect you. Make sure all protective equipment fits snugly while preserving a full range of motion.


Excess heat under onewheel safety gear leads to sweat and discomfort. Well ventilated protection allows air flow to keep you cool and dry on long rides.

The Bottom Line on OneWheel Safety Gear

OneWheels deliver awesome thrills and adventure. But all wheeled sports come with inherent risks. Protect yourself with purpose built safety gear for onewheels. Quality protection reduces your chances of severe injury if you crash and supports ongoing enjoyment of this stellar ride.


What are the most important pieces of safety gear for OneWheel riding?

The critical protective gear includes: helmets to prevent head injuries, wrist guards to stop wrist fractures, and knee/elbow pads to shield joints if you fall. These provide protection for the most vulnerable areas.

Can you ride a OneWheel safely without any protective gear?

Absolutely not. Riding without protective safety gear is extremely dangerous. OneWheels reach speeds over 15 mph, and falling at that speed without protection almost assures significant injury.

Where can I buy quality OneWheel safety gear?

Good options for purchasing safety gear include sports equipment stores, online retailers that specialize in wheeled sports protection, and directly from OneWheel accessory manufacturers. Prices range from $50 up to $300+.

Should I wear safety gear even if I'm an experienced OneWheel rider?

Yes, always wear complete protective equipment no matter your skill level. Accidents happen without warning even to seasoned veterans. Gear minimizes odds of major trauma when the unexpected occurs.

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