History and Style Tips for the Iconic LB Beanie Hat

History and Style Tips for the Iconic LB Beanie Hat
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The History of LB Beanie

The LB beanie has an interesting history. While its origins are a bit mysterious, this unique hat has become beloved by many over the years. Some say the letters "LB" stand for "little bean," referencing the hat's small, bean-like shape. However others claim they represent the initials of the alleged founder, Louis Bromfield.

Early LB Beanie Models

The first LB beanies are thought to have emerged sometime in the mid-20th century. These early versions were simple knitted caps made from wool. They featured a ribbed band and slightly slouchy shape that could be rolled or unrolled to adjust the fit. The letters "LB" were emblazoned across the front in a bold font.

In the 1950s and 60s, the LB gained popularity as a symbol of counterculture and activism. Activists and artists wore LB beanies during marches and gatherings. The hat became associated with revolutionary politics and intellectualism.

The LB Beanie Today

The LB beanie remains popular today as both a fashion statement and symbol of personal identity. It comes in a wide array of colors and patterns from simple black or grey to brightly-colored neons or tie-dyes. Thick and thin ribbed versions exist as do distinct shapes like a Roll Beanie or Floppy Beanie.

Some LB beanies feature alternate embroidered designs alongside the classic "LB" logo. These include geometric patterns, animals, floral prints, or stripe detailing that allows folks to show off their unique personal style.

Reasons People Love LB Beanies

There are many reasons why the LB beanie continues to be a beloved hat style decade after decade. Here are a few of the key factors behind this accessory's enduring popularity.

They're Warm and Cozy

A thick, knitted LB beanie helps keep your head nice and toasty when dealing with cold weather. For this reason, they are a popular choice during frigid winter months in many parts of the world. They provide a convenient way to add warmth without going overboard with hats and scarves.

They Allow Self-Expression

An LB Beanie is an easy way to add a touch of personality into any outfit. Whether you pick neon colors or crazy prints, this hat shows off what you're into. The style also pairs well with tattoos, piercings, and colored hair allowing you to create fun punk-inspired ensembles.

They Have Counterculture Coolness

There is an undeniably rebellious vibe about LB beanies thanks to their place in activist history. Donning one allows you to tap into that revolutionary spirit and edgy intellectual image. For creative types, it can inspire bold new ideas and ambitious projects.

How to Style an LB Beanie

While simple and casual, an LB Beanie can also serve as a statement accessory to polish off any look. Here are some styling tips for making the most of this hat.

Pair With Cozy Layers

When temperatures drop, an LB Beanie pairs perfectly with cozy layers like hoodies, flannel shirts, or puffer vests. Choose pieces in coordinating colors for a pulled-together appearance.

Contrast With Edgy Basics

For an unexpected combo, wear your LB Beanie with sleek black leather, distressed denim, or rock band tees. The beanie's colorful knit pops against darker edgy basics.

Incorporate Prints and Patterns

An LB Beanie acts as a great foundation for playful printed pieces like graphic tees, boho dresses, or checkered overshirts. Allow your beanie design to determine which patterns best complement its colorful stripes or funky motifs.

However you choose to style them, LB Beanies offer endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity. Their enduring legacy as a symbol of authentic style and rebellious spirit lives on.


What does LB stand for on the beanies?

There are two popular theories about what LB stands for on these iconic hats. Some believe it means "little bean," while others think the letters represent the initials of Louis Bromfield who allegedly created the first beanies.

When did the LB beanie first emerge?

The LB beanie first gained notice in the mid-20th century. Early versions were simple knitted wool caps with a ribbed band and slouchy shape. The letters LB were displayed across the front in a bold font.

Why did activists start wearing LB beanies?

In the 1950s and 60s, activists wore LB beanies during protests and gatherings as a symbol of revolutionary politics and rebellion. This cemented their reputation as a counterculture style statement.

What's the best way to style an LB beanie?

Some popular ways to wear LB beanies include pairing them with cozy layers like hoodies and flannel when it's cold out. You can also contrast them with edgy basics like leather and distressed denim for an unexpected look.

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