The Rising Popularity and Intrigue of Vinyl Insert Collecting

The Rising Popularity and Intrigue of Vinyl Insert Collecting
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Exploring the World of Vinyl Inserts

Vinyl inserts, often referred to as record or album inserts, have become an intriguing and increasingly popular way for musicians and bands to connect with their fans. As vinyl record sales have increased dramatically in recent years with the resurgence of the format, artists have found creative ways to offer fans something special by including limited edition inserts with vinyl album purchases.

What Are Vinyl Inserts?

Vinyl inserts are extra items that are included inside a vinyl record album, usually alongside the actual vinyl record itself. Vinyl inserts come in many different forms, but some common examples include:

  • Photo books or photo inserts featuring exclusive band photos
  • Art prints showcasing custom artwork or illustrations
  • Autographed items like photos, postcards, or lyric sheets signed by band members
  • Paper goodies like posters, stickers, temporary tattoos
  • Digital download cards providing access to bonus audio or video content

These special inserts are produced in limited quantities and are intended as incentives for fans to purchase the physical vinyl release instead of digital formats. They play into the tactile experience of vinyl albums while offering fans some extra special content.

Why Do Artists Offer Vinyl Inserts?

There are several key reasons why musicians and bands decide to offer vinyl inserts alongside their vinyl record releases:

  • To increase interest and sales of vinyl releases: The inserts create hype and awareness for vinyl releases, incentivizing purchases from loyal fans.
  • To reward loyal vinyl buyers with exclusive content: Fans who still buy and cherish physical albums get some extra special goodies in return.
  • To foster deeper artist/fan connection: Autographed inserts especially allow bands to connect with fans on a more personal level.
  • To differentiate vinyl releases: The inserts make vinyl releases stand out compared to standard digital albums.

Essentially vinyl inserts allow bands to promote album art as a form of art itself, beyond just the music. Fans have come to eagerly anticipate what type of vinyl inserts their favorite groups might have included inside upcoming vinyl releases.

Popular Examples of Vinyl Inserts

Musicians from a wide variety of genres have embraced the concept of vinyl inserts to engage their loyal fans who still buy physical music releases. Here are some popular examples of vinyl inserts offered by top bands recently:

Taylor Swift Folklore Photo Book

Pop megastar Taylor Swift included an exclusive photo book insert with special autographed editions of her hit 2020 album Folklore pressed on opaque white vinyl. The 60-page photo book featured a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album through Taylor’s lens as she shot images alongside the alternative records she produced with Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff during quarantine.

Pearl Jam Gigaton Lenticular Print

Legendary alternative band Pearl Jam released their Gigaton album as a special Ultra LP set in 2020 which featured a unique lenticular motion print insert. This special 3D-like print insert depicts the Gigaton ice sculpture album art and shifts as viewers pass by it at different angles for a visually engaging illusion-of-movement effect.

Jack White Signed Photo Prints

Blues rock icon Jack White included limited edition signed photo prints with variants of his 2022 solo albums Fear of the Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive. Autographed randomly by Jack himself, these photo inserts showcase classic black-and-white portrait images of the eccentric musician adding a personal touch for collectors and fans.

Collecting Vinyl Inserts

As vinyl inserts have grown as a phenomenon, some music fans have started collecting these special inserts that come with their favorite new vinyl albums. Some tips for beginning vinyl insert collectors include:

  • Pick specific bands or genres to focus your collecting on rather than trying to collect inserts from all groups.
  • Be aware of limited edition vinyl variants and inserts that bands announce through their websites and social channels.
  • Follow vinyl fan groups on Reddit and Facebook where members discuss and display their latest vinyl finds including inserts.
  • Store inserts carefully to prevent damage, especially for autographed items. Consider protective sleeves or professional framing.
  • Focus on inserts included with vinyl releases from the last 5 years or so when the trend has accelerated.

Vinyl inserts make exciting additions alongside the vinyl records themselves for passionate music fans who still love tangibly collecting physical albums full of artwork and textures. Let the hunt begin!

Valuing Rare Vinyl Inserts

These special vinyl inserts often develop increased secondary market value themselves as fans try to complete insert collections or trade to get coveted limited edition inserts. When estimating the potential value or cost of purchasing more desired rare vinyl inserts on auction sites, some key factors include:

  • Initial supply and print run quantity - Lower original quantities drive up value
  • Signature authenticity for autographed inserts
  • Condition and quality grading from reputable sellers
  • Art print quality, image choices and uniqueness
  • Associated album or artist collecting demand

Iconic early examples of vinyl inserts like original autographed Beatles photo cards can sell today for thousands. More recent signed Taylor Swift Folklore booklets have sold for $100 to $200+ in high demand. Even unsigned inserts can sell for multiples higher than the record price.

The Future for Collectible Vinyl Inserts

As both vinyl and artist-focused physical musical objects continue making a comeback- witnessed by the soaring success of even cassette tapes with album bundles again - these special vinyl album inserts will only grow as a trend.

Streams may dominate everyday music listening. But passionate, invested music fans still yearn for tangible, visual artifacts and expressions of their favorite bands and albums. And musicians in kind have embraced increasingly creative, varied limited vinyl inserts as a way to nurture true fan connection.

Record companies will respond if there is demand from artists. Fans have clearly responded by collecting these artifacts. So the limited edition vinyl insert appears poised to only proliferate into the future.


What are some typical things included as vinyl inserts?

Some common items found as vinyl inserts include photo books, art prints, autographed photos or postcards, stickers, temporary tattoos, lyric sheets, download cards for bonus digital content, and more.

Where do vinyl inserts appear inside the album packaging?

Vinyl inserts are usually placed alongside the vinyl record itself inside the record sleeve or jacket. They may be tucked inside a pocket, sleeve, or envelope that is packaged together inside the record album cover with the vinyl.

Why have vinyl inserts become so popular for both bands and fans?

Artistic vinyl inserts appeal to the return towards tangible musical expression from passionate fans who value albums beyond just digital songs. Inserts also allow bands to foster deeper connections through exclusive, collectible content made just for loyal supporters of their physical music releases.

What should you do to protect valued vinyl inserts like autographed items?

It is important to carefully store prized vinyl inserts, especially autographed ones, to prevent damage over time. Consider using protective plastic sleeves or professional framing and display options to safely showcase your cherished vinyl inserts.

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