The Allure of Cherry Blossom Lip Gloss and How to Apply It

The Allure of Cherry Blossom Lip Gloss and How to Apply It
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The Allure of Cherry Blossom Lip Gloss

With its soft pink hue reminiscent of the ephemeral cherry blossom blooms, cherry blossom lip gloss has become a staple in many makeup collections. The sweet yet striking color has an irresistible charm that flatters a wide range of skin tones. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, cherry blossom lip gloss also provides a lush shine and gentle plumping effect that keeps lips looking supple and smooth.

What Gives Cherry Blossom Lip Gloss Its Signature Look

The delicate color that has made cherry blossom lip gloss so popular stems from specific pigments carefully crafted into each formula. By blending red and pink hues with hints of coral, a light rosy tone emerges that mirrors the color palette of cherry tree blooms in springtime. Some formulas incorporate microscopic shimmering pearls to add a brighter, wet-look shine as well. The translucence of most cherry blossom lip glosses allows the natural pink tones of the lips to show through, creating a fresh, just-bitten stained effect.

Soft, Smooth Texture

In addition to its signature roseate hue, cherry blossom lip gloss is equally coveted for its lush, cushiony texture. The base incorporates emollient ingredients like plant oils and butters to hydrate lips and prevent drying or flaking. Silicones give the formula a weightless, silky texture that sweeps over the lips effortlessly. The shine comes from ingredients like mineral oils that impart mirror-like reflectiveness. Vitamins and antioxidants also nourish the delicate skin of the lips to keep them smooth and supple with continued use.

Subtle Plumping Properties

Some cherry blossom lip glosses harness the power of active ingredients that provide a temporary plumping effect. By incorporating plant extracts or peptides that irritate the lips slightly, blood rushes to the surface to nourish and protect. As the blood vessels expand, the lips swell subtly and fill out lines and crevices. The plumping typically lasts for an hour or two before subsiding. The ingredients also stimulate collagen production for healthier, firmer looking lips over time.

How to Apply Cherry Blossom Lip Gloss

Mastering the perfect sheer wash of cherry blossom color starts with proper application. To help the gloss glide across lips seamlessly, start by exfoliating with a damp washcloth to slough off any dry, flaky skin. Then apply lip balm and allow it to soak in for a minute before blotting away any excess.

When applying the gloss directly from the tube, dot it across lips from corner to corner to distribute the product evenly. Then use the applicator to smooth and blend, working it into edges and crevices. Be careful not to apply too heavily in the center of lips or pooling may occur. For more intense color, apply two thin layers rather than one thick layer.

Pairing and Layering

For occasion when more pigment is desired, pair cherry blossom lip gloss over coordinating lip liners or lipsticks. Dusty rose or brownish nude liners help define the lips while allowing the gloss's luminosity to shine through. For buildable color, apply a pinky nude lipstick first, then coat with gloss. The transparent quality of the formula allows some of the underlying shade to peek through.

When wearing cherry blossom gloss by itself, lip prep is key. Exfoliate with a lip scrub then smooth on balm and allow it to penetrate before removing any residue. This will prevent clumping and ensure the gloss glides on fluidly. Reapply as needed to maintain shine and moisture throughout wear.

Complementary Makeup

Cherry blossom lip gloss straddles the line between neutral and bold. For that reason, it pairs beautifully with both low-key, everyday looks as well as glammed up glamor. The main consideration is ensuring cohesion. Topull off a harmonious look, opt for coordinating hues in eyeshadows, blush and bronzer.

Daytime Beauty

For running errands or relaxed activities, cherry blossom lip gloss tones down easily. A sweep of matte nude eyeshadow and a touch of peach blush keep things fresh and simple. Add definition by smudging brown liner along the upper lash lines and lower water lines. A touch of mascara and well-groomed brows polish the look.

This allows the pinky gloss to provide a pop of color without overpowering. For those with bold brows, brush them through with a tinted gel to tone down intensity and achieve balance with the gloss.

Evening Elegance

Cherry blossom lip gloss also shines when glammed up. Coordinate smoky eye looks by using taupes, roses and plums on the lids and blending outwards. Line eyes with dark brown or black pencil, winging it outward for drama. Finish with volumizing black mascara.

Sweep blush onto the apples of cheeks in a vibrant pink or apricot shade that ties back to the lip color. Play up brows by brushing them up and out, then apply highlighter right beneath the highest point of the arches. The glow draws attention upwards for an elongating effect.

Popular Brands

Numerous cosmetics companies have launched their take on perfect cherry blossom lip gloss. Several mainstream and indie brands stand out for their stellar formulas and range of shades. Bestselling options include:


This K-beauty brand is coveted for their Juicy Lasting Tint lineup which includes several sheer cherry pink options. Their glosses offer serious staying power that persists through eating and drinking without compromising comfort.


Another Korean brand, Peripera is a drugstore favorite globally for their burst of fruity and floral tinted glosses. Several of their collections incorporate cherry blossom inspired colors like Sakura Ribbon and Fairy Pink.

Etude House

Etude House has an entire cherry blossom collection that rotates seasonally. Their lip products like the Cherry Blossom Tint and Cherry Kiss Lip Patch infuse the essence of flowers into each pink-tinged formula.


The iconic French skincare and cosmetics company produces a line of Lip Perfectors including 108 Pink Shimmer. The nourishing formula imparts cherry-kissed color with a high shine finish.

From cult classics to new arrivals, the options span formulas and price points to suit every preference and budget.

DIY Cherry Blossom Lip Gloss

For those with crafty inclinations, crafting homemade cherry blossom lip gloss allows for customizing textures and shades. By experimenting with different ingredient ratios and add-ins, the options are unlimited.

Base Formula

The foundation of most DIY glosses includes just a few simple components. Beeswax thickens the texture while still allowing spreadability. Oil makes up the main bulk and imparts moisture. Finally, cosmetic pigments tint the gloss to achieve the desired cherry blossom hue.

Beyond these core ingredients, certain additions can alter the formula's properties. Vitamin E oil and rosehip seed oil amplify nourishment for smoother lips. Honey or agave nectar lend texture and sweetness. Essential oils provide scent. For flavor, a few drops of cherry extract can be blended in. The possibilities are endless.

Application Tips

When concocting cherry blossom lip gloss at home, it helps to store it in containers that simplify application. Small, shallow pots allow for swiping color directly onto lips from the surface. Alternatively, transfer gloss into lip gloss tubes or tins equipped with a doe foot applicator.

Make sure to sterilize all containers before funneling gloss into them. Allow the mixture to solidify completely before screwing on caps. Excess warmth can cause condensation inside containers which can breed bacteria over time.

When applying, use the same techniques as with commercial glosses. Dot evenly across lips first, then blend out towards edges for flawless, feathered coverage. Store in a cool, dark place and shake before each use to maintain even consistency.


What finish does cherry blossom lip gloss have?

Cherry blossom lip glosses typically have a high-shine, reflective finish. Ingredients like oils and silicones impart a lacquered look with a glass-like reflectivity. This wet-look finish allows the soft pink pigments to appear clear and luminous.

Does cherry blossom lip gloss smell like cherries?

Some cherry blossom lip glosses do incorporate cherry fragrance and flavor for a more authentic experience. However, many formulas opt for more generalized fruity scents instead. There are also unscented options available for those sensitive to fragrance.

What is the best way to make DIY cherry blossom lip gloss?

The basic recipe includes beeswax to thicken, carrier oils for moisture, and cosmetic pigments for color. Vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, honey and essential oils can also be added. Store the gloss in small pots or tubes with doe foot applicators for easy application.

Does cherry blossom lip gloss work for all skin tones?

Cherry blossom lip gloss is quite versatile and the sheer, light pink color is flattering on most skin tones. Those with darker complexions may opt to layer it over brown or plum lip liners for more definition and depth.

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