Dazzling DIY Bottle Brush Christmas Trees | Festive Holiday Decor

Dazzling DIY Bottle Brush Christmas Trees | Festive Holiday Decor
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Dazzling Bottle Brush Trees for Festive Decor

When it comes to Christmas trees, bottle brush trees offer a fun and versatile option for holiday decor. With their bright red flowers that resemble bottle brushes, these Australian natives make the perfect blank canvas for creative embellishments. Take plain bottle brush trees from drab to fab with a bit of glitter, paint, and other colorful trimmings.

Glittery Gold Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

For some sparkling trees that shine as bright as the North Star, coat basic bottle brush blooms with gold glitter. This is such an easy way to fancy up your festive decor. Simply dilute some tacky glue about halfway with water and lightly brush it onto the puffy red flowers. Before the glue dries, sprinkle the glitter over the flowers, making sure to coat them generously.

Gold glitter bottle brush trees glow beautifully when lit up at night. For extra shimmer, hang mini reflective ornaments and tinsel garland on the boughs. Place these glittery golden trees on either side of your front door or mantel to highlight your holiday decor.

Frosty White Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

For a frosty winter wonderland look, transform green bottle brush trees into snow-covered pines. All you need is white spray paint and fake snow flocking powder. Make sure to cover your workspace and wear old clothes since this can get a bit messy.

Start by spraying a light coat of white paint over the entire tree, branches and all. Once dry, flip the tree upside down and spray the underside of the branches. Let the paint dry completely before moving onto the next step. Use gloved hands to gently coat the tree in fake snow flocking. Spray the flocking powder in your hand first before rubbing it directly onto the tree. The white paint helps the fake snow stick. Flip the tree right-side up and shape the branches, adding more flocking until you achieve a frosted look.

Vintage Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Vintage-style bottle brush trees are super nostalgic. They harken back to old fashioned tinsel trees that were popular Christmas decor in the 1950s-60s. This retro look is really on trend again and easy to do.

Raid your craft drawer for supplies like burlap ribbon, delicate lace, pearl beads, and other ivory-colored trim. Use hot glue to attach ribbons vertically around the tree from top to bottom. Wrap the lace and pearl beads horizontally around the tree, securing with more hot glue as you go. For the final touch, layer strands of ivory tinsel garland throughout the branches.

DIY Ornament Ideas for Bottle Brush Trees

Once you’ve decorated the actual bottle brush trees, it's time to give them some personality with unique homemade ornaments. Craft ornaments out of simple materials you probably already have at home like paper, felt, pine cones, and more.

Maple Leaf Ornaments

Maple leaves make beautiful nature-inspired ornaments, especially on white frosted bottle brush trees. Head outside and collect leaves while they're at peak fall color. Coat them lightly with clear glue then dip them in glitter for some sparkle. Add ornament hooks at the stem once they’re dry.

Felt Heart Ornaments

These sweet hand-sewn heart ornaments add a loving touch to any Christmas tree. Use red, green, and white felt to stitch an assortment of patches into heart shapes. Sew on decorative buttons, ric rac trim, or lace for extra ornament style. Attach a loop of narrow ribbon at the top for easy hanging on your festive bottle brush trees.

Pine Cone Ornaments

Free decor from nature - what could be better? Transform pine cones into woodsy chic ornaments with just a bit of glitter and glue. Brush white glue over each pine cone, coating it completely. Sprinkle different colors of fine glitter over the glue and let dry overnight with the pine cones sitting on wax paper. Tie jute twine around the tops for hanging on your bottle brush trees.

Displaying Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Now that your bottle brush trees are all decorated for the holidays, where should you display them? These festive trees look lovely just about anywhere during the Christmas season. Place them mantels, countertops, side tables, front porch railing, and more.

Groupings on Tables

Display bright bottle brush trees in groups for lots of cheerful holiday decor. Arrange 2-4 decorated bottle brush trees down the center of a dining table or side buffet table. Surround the glittery trees with white candles nestled in pine sprigs and white berry garland draped across the table for a elegant yet easy holiday vignette.

Bottle Brush Tree Forest

Create a magical mini forest of bottle brush trees on your fireplace mantel or shelving display. Use trees in a variety of sizes and colors for lots of visual interest. Incorporate other elements like faux snowy pine garland, red winter berries, and pine cones throughout the display. Weave sparkling fairy lights between the bottle brush tree branches to create a gorgeous glittering winter forest!

Front Porch Bottle Brush Trees

Add some instant holiday cheer to welcome guests with bright bottle brush trees on your front porch. Tuck frosty white bottle brush trees into urn planters on either side of your door. Or hang vintage style bottle brush trees and wreaths along the porch railing. Drape the railing with string lights for some extra twinkle when displayed outside.

However you choose to decorate them, bottle brush trees make for very merry holiday decor. With a bit of glitter and creativity, you can transform basic bottle brush blooms into all kinds of dazzling Christmas trees perfect for spreading seasonal joy.


How long do bottle brush tree flowers last?

The bright red bottle brush flowers can last up to 8 weeks if cared for properly. Keep the trees sheltered in a covered outdoor area and water 1-2 times per week. Indoor trees will last about 4 weeks. Mist the flowers lightly with water to help them retain moisture longer.

Where is the best place to buy bottle brush trees?

Many home & garden stores like Lowe's and Home Depot sell bottle brush trees in their garden center during the fall and winter months. You can also find nice options at your local nursery. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the blooms for any wilting or damaged flowers before purchasing.

What is the best glitter to use on Christmas trees?

Fine superfine glitter works best for coating bottle brush blooms. It has a nice consistency that easily sticks to glue without overpowering the flowers. Martha Stewart makes a great fine glitter in tons of festive Christmas colors like red, green, gold, silver, and more.

How do you attach ornaments to bottle brush trees?

The small flexible branches of bottle brush trees can be tricky for hanging heavier store-bought ornaments. Opt for lightweight homemade ornaments like those made from paper or felt. For a little extra support, you can also stick floral stems into the tree to help anchor ribbon for ornament hanging.

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