Lofbergs Coffee's History, Beans, Brewing Tips

Lofbergs Coffee's History, Beans, Brewing Tips
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The History and Journey of Lofbergs Coffee

Coffee has become an integral part of many people's daily routines. This dark, rich, and flavorful beverage provides a comforting ritual, bringing people together over its roasted aromas and tastes. One coffee company that has been perfecting the coffee experience for over 150 years is Lofbergs.

The Origins of Lofbergs Coffee

Lofbergs coffee has its roots in the Norwegian city of Bergen. In 1896, Theodor W. Lofberg opened a spice shop in one of Bergen's bustling marketplaces. While spices were the featured items, coffee beans soon became part of the shop's inventory to meet customer demand.

The business was passed down across generations of the Lofberg family. Each generation added their innovative touch, like developing expert blending techniques and sustainable farming partnerships. Over time, Lofbergs grew from a local Norwegian shop into an internationally recognized coffee brand.

Lofbergs Coffee Today

Headquartered in Karlstad, Sweden since 1962, Lofbergs is still a family-owned company. They now operate a state-of-the-art coffee roastery and have expanded into cafes and coffee shops. However, their dedication to sourcing ethical, quality coffee beans from across the globe remains at the heart of the business.

Lofbergs establishes direct partnerships with coffee growers in regions like Central America and Africa to ensure fair prices. They also promote sustainable farming practices that protect both the environment and farming communities. These care and values translate into the finished coffees enjoyed by consumers worldwide.

Lofbergs Coffee Varieties

From classic roasts to distinctive flavors, Lofbergs offers many coffee varieties perfectly suited for brewing at home or serving at cafes. Their expert roast masters coax out balanced, smooth flavors from each coffee they work with.

House Blends

Lofbergs signature house blends like Lila and Eldorado are popular everyday coffee options. Lila features a milk chocolate and hazelnut aroma with a well-rounded taste. Eldorado is an intense dark roast blend with flavors of dark cocoa and brown spices.

Single Origin Coffees

For those who like to taste coffees from specific regions, Lofbergs carries single origin selections like Costa Rican, Ethiopian, and Sumatran. Costa Rican features bright fruit notes of pineapple and lemon. Ethiopian Sidamo offers intense floral aromas with distinct blueberry flavors. And Sumatran coffee delivers an earthy, herbal profile with a rich mouthfeel.

Flavored Coffee

Lofbergs uses all-natural flavors to add different taste dimensions to their beans. Choices include creamy vanilla, sweet cotton candy, sharp citrus, and savory chocolate flavors. One of their most unique flavored coffees is the Inferno coffee featured in distinctive black packaging. It combines smoky, fiery flavors with a lasting heat similar to spicy chilies.

Brewing Lofbergs Coffee

To get the best possible cup of Lofbergs coffee, follow some key tips for storage, preparation, and brewing.

Coffee Storage

Always store coffee beans or grounds in an airtight container in a cool, dark space. Exposure to light, air, or moisture can cause the coffee oils to go rancid. For whole beans, only grind them right before brewing to preserve essential aromatic compounds.

Coffee Grind Size

The grind size profoundly impacts extraction and coffee flavor. Follow package recommendations for grind size and brewing method. Generally, fine grinds work for espresso while medium grinds suit automatic drip machines. And coarse grinds are ideal for French presses.

Water Quality

For pure coffee essence, filtered water is best. Hard water or water with off tastes from minerals can negatively impact your cup of Lofbergs coffee. Cooler water around 200 degrees Fahrenheit also helps highlight tasting notes during extraction.

By understanding the origins, ethics, and care behind Lofbergs coffee, consumers can better appreciate each sip. Allow their over 150 years of coffee experience to come through by brewing their specialty coffee beans properly. Be transported by the flavors in every expertly roasted batch of Lofbergs coffee.


Where are Lofbergs coffee beans grown?

Lofbergs sources its coffee beans ethically and sustainably from regions around the world such as Central America, Africa, and Indonesia. They create direct partnerships with specialty coffee growers to bring the highest quality beans to their roastery.

What types of coffee does Lofbergs offer?

Lofbergs provides a wide variety of coffee options including signature blends, single origin beans, and flavored coffees. Their blends come in different roast styles like light, dark, chocolatey, and spicy. Flavored choices use natural ingredients like vanilla or cotton candy.

How should I grind Lofbergs coffee beans?

Grind size significantly impacts coffee extraction and taste. Check Lofbergs packaging for recommendations based on your preferred brew method. Fine grounds work for espresso, medium for automatic drip, and coarse for French press.

What is Lofbergs Inferno coffee?

Inferno coffee is one of Lofberg's unique flavor offerings. It features an intense smoky, fiery taste akin to spicy chilies that also provides lasting heat similar to actual flames or infernos.

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