The Hot New Trend for Summer Fun - Tie Dye Coolers

The Hot New Trend for Summer Fun - Tie Dye Coolers
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The Hot New Trend: Tie Dye Coolers

As summer approaches and people start planning their outdoor adventures, a hot new trend is emerging that is perfect for keeping drinks cold while showing off some vibrant style: tie dye coolers. These colorful coolers are popping up everywhere from lakeside parties to music festivals to backyard barbecues. So why are tie dye coolers having such a major moment right now? And what do you need to know if you want to get in on the action with one of these stylish summertime staples?

The Tie Dye Resurgence

Tie dye has made a major comeback in recent years. What was once seen as a retro 1970s style has now become a modern trend that people of all ages are embracing. And that revival has expanded beyond just tie dye t-shirts to all sorts of summer gear. Vibrant tie dye patterns are now showing up on everything from hats and shorts to bikinis and beach towels. So it’s no surprise that tie dye coolers would join the party.

These coolers capture the free-spirited style that tie dye is known for. Their bold patterns breathe life into a typically boring cooler, making it something you actually want to show off. Tie dye coolers announce that summer has arrived and the good times are about to begin!

Next Level Tailgating & Outdoor Fun

Tailgating is practically a competitive sport in some areas, with fans trying to have the best setup to get pumped for the big game. Now tie dye coolers are upping the fun levels by adding a vibrant splash of color and personality. They ensure your drinks stay icy cold while you grill up some BBQ and toss around the football. Even just cracking open one of these coolers gets everyone excited for a great time.

And it’s not just tailgating that these coolers are perfect for. They also lend some serious style to days lounging by the lake, beach trips, camping weekends, music festivals, or backyard parties. Basically anytime you want cold beverages on hand for summer fun, a tie dye cooler is just the thing.

Customize Your Cool Color Combo

While most standard coolers come only in basic colors like red, blue, or gray, tie dye coolers open up a whole world of vibrant patterns and color combinations. You can choose from coolers with fiery red, orange and yellow schemes perfect for desert adventures. Pastel purple and pink tie dye better suits laidback beach trips. Even patriotic red, white and blue coolers are an option for your 4th of July parties.

Or you can really stand out from the crowd by selecting your very own custom color scheme. This makes your tie dye cooler even more one-of-a-kind. Complement your bathing suit, flip flops, beach towel, or sunglasses with a matching tie dye style. The options here are endless for showing off your unique summer vibe.

Durable and Practical Summer Storage

While fashion is definitely a selling point, tie dye coolers still get the job done when you need to keep food and drinks chilled. The best options out there use leak-proof, waterproof lining to seal in the cold air. Sturdy latches, durable handles, and oversized wheels let you confidently transport cold beverages from place to place.

Tie dye coolers are sized just right for tailgates, picnics, days on the boat and beyond. Look for spacious interior storage that fits up to 36 soda cans or all the fixings for tasty sandwiches and snacks. Some coolers even include helpful features like built-in bottle openers or exterior pockets for stashing small accessories.

Who Are Tie Dye Coolers For?

Just about anyone can embrace the vibrant fun of tie dye coolers this summer. They are super on-trend with teenagers and college kids who want to make a statement. Families will love how eye-catching they look loaded up in the car or at the neighborhood block party. And even serious outdoor adventurers are making the switch from boring old standard coolers to these stylish tie dye versions.

Music festivals are packed with thousands of tie dye coolers keeping revelers refreshed. Pickup truck beds headed out for a weekend of camping often have these coolers bouncing around in back. Pool parties look like giant rainbows filled with matching tie dye swimsuits, towels, and icy cold vibrant coolers. And backyard BBQs just got a major style upgrade this summer with backyards filled with smoking grills, delicious food, and colorfully patterned tie dye coolers keeping drinks nice and cold.

Get the Style Started

Hopefully now you have a better idea of why tie dye coolers are THE trendiest way to keep your summer drinks icy cold in 2023. Their vibrant patterns and colors fuel all kinds of outdoor fun while their practicality still gets the basic chilling job done right. And with so many stylish custom color combos to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a tie dye cooler that shows off your personal flair.

So don’t settle for a boring cooler this summer when you could make an eye-catching style statement that starts conversations at every BBQ, beach party, music festival, or lake trip on your calendar. Get in on the tie dye cooler craze and refresh your next outdoor bash with these bold patterns and icy cold drinks!


What size tie dye cooler should I get?

It depends on your needs. Smaller 20-30 quart coolers are good for personal use. Larger 50-70 quart coolers hold enough drinks and ice for a group of 4-8 people. And oversized 100+ quart wheeled coolers work great for big parties, tailgates, or catering outdoor events.

How long will drinks stay cold in a tie dye cooler?

A quality tie dye cooler with decent insulation can keep ice intact and drinks chilled for 24-48 hours even in hot weather. Be sure to pre-chill your cooler before loading in beverages to get the longest chilling time.

Can you customize tie dye cooler colors?

Many tie dye cooler brands let you design your own custom color pattern during the order process. This allows you to match the colors to your personal style or other accessories you’ll be using like beach towels, swimwear, water bottles, etc.

Are tie dye coolers only for summer?

While tie dye coolers definitely lend a fun, summery vibe, they can work great in other seasons too if you still need portable drink chilling. Use them to keep fall tailgate drinks cold, chill beverages at winter bonfires or sledding parties, or even store drinks for spring hiking & camping trips.

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