Top Violin Clip On Mics and Pickups for Acoustic Amplification

Top Violin Clip On Mics and Pickups for Acoustic Amplification
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An Introduction to Violin Clip On Mics

For violinists looking to amplify their sound, a clip on microphone offers a convenient and non-invasive way to pick up the nuances of your violin. Attaching via a small clamp to the instrument, violin clip on mics allow you to move freely while projecting your sound through an amplifier or PA system.

What are Violin Clip On Mics?

Violin clip on mics, also sometimes referred to as pickup mics, are compact microphones designed to attach directly to a violin, sans cords running to the instrument. Most clip onto the bridge of an acoustic violin using a plastic clamp, positioning the mic capsule under the strings to pick up subtle string vibrations and violin body resonance.

Battery-powered and requiring no permanent installations, violin clip on mics deliver clear, accurate violin amplification while allowing normal acoustic violin playability and tone. Advanced models even offer EQ controls and preamp circuitry, providing quality violin pickups in compact, non-intrusive housings.

Benefits of Using a Violin Clip On Mic

For violinists playing live or recording in the studio, violin clip on mics provide a number of notable benefits:

  • Portability and ease of attachment
  • Natural acoustic violin tone
  • Allow instrument mobility while amplifying
  • Easy volume control via amp or mixing board
  • Affordable way to amplify violin sound

Purpose-built for violins with specially contoured housings to avoid soundhole obstruction, today’s best violin clip on mics deliver studio-quality violin pickups in compact, battery-powered units.

Types of Violin Pickup Mics

Violin clip on mics utilize different types of miniature microphone capsules and onboard circuitry to pick up and amplify string vibrations. Common types of violin pickup mics include:

Passive Magnetic Pickups

Containing magnets under the strings, passive magnetic violin pickups don’t require batteries or preamps. The magnetic field causes a small electrical current as strings vibrate. Simple and affordable, they offer decent sound for practice and live use.

Piezo Clip On Mics

Utilizing piezo crystals that generate current when compressed, piezo violin pickups capture sound directly from string vibrations. Typically battery-powered, violin piezo pickups provide fuller tone across string registers from bright trebles to deep bass.

Electret Condenser Mics

Equipped with a thin diaphragm that moves in response to soundwaves, electret condenser violin mics offer excellent transient response and a balanced frequency range. Condenser violin pickups combine great versatility with studio-quality amplification.

Choosing the Best Violin Clip On Mic for You

With quality violin amplifiers now available from under $20 to over $200, what’s the best violin clip on microphone for your needs and budget? Here are key factors when selecting a violin pickup system:

Sound Quality

The most advanced violin clip on mics use condenser capsules and special preamp circuits to capture a full frequency spectrum without coloring your violin’s authentic acoustic tone.

Feedback Resistance

Higher-end violin pickups use multiple low-impedance outputs, phase switching options, and other features to reduce feedback issues when amplifying, especially for live performances.

Ease of Attachment

Look for clip on violin mics that securely attach yet avoid damaging finishes. Padded clamps with adjustable angles allow proper positioning under the strings.

Equalization Controls

Onboard EQ controls on certain violin pickups let you shape your amplified violin tone, boosting trebles or low mids as desired via integrated pots.


Violin pickups range from under $20 for basic magnetic models to $200+ for professional-grade condenser mics with extended EQ and feedback controls. Set a budget while weighing sound quality needs.

Power Source

Passive magnetic violin pickups don’t require batteries or power sources. But most condenser and piezo violin mics utilize batteries, typically lasting hundreds of hours for clip-on violin amplification.

Top Violin Clip On Mics

When comparing the best violin pickups, a few models stand above the rest for performance, versatility and value. Here are top-rated violin clip on mics across budget levels:

Donner Violin Pickup

Priced under $25, the Donner Electric Violin Pickup offers surprising quality for budget violin amplification. With adjustable EQ and metal-alloy construction, it’s a great basic violin clip on mic.

Ourpick Violin Pickup

The Ourpick contact pickup attaches securely while capturing subtle sound nuances thanks to directional condenser capsules. An adjustable clamp avoids finish damage during attachment.

Kremona Sonora Violin Pickup

Featuring a dual-channel preamp and premium condenser capsule, the Kremona Sonora violin pickup accurately amplifies trebles, mids and lower registers at all volumes with enhanced feedback control.

Fishman V-300 Violin Pickup

Trusted by touring artists, the Fishman V-300 combines professional-quality electronics with effortless clamp-on attachment. Integrated active EQ helps optimize amplified tone across diverse live venues.

Using Your Violin Pickup Mic

Once purchased, proper placement and connectivity is key for the best sound from your violin’s clip on mic. Here are some usage tips:

  • Attach securely to bridge without hindering strings
  • Connect to guitar cable, then amp/mixer input
  • Angle slightly toward f-holes to capture resonance
  • Utilize built-in EQ to boost desired frequencies
  • Use a violin amp for optimal amplification shaping

After experimenting with placement and EQ adjustments, violin pickups quickly become second nature for acoustic violinists venturing into live performing or recording amplified tracks.

Take Your Violin Sound to the Next Level

Thanks to compact, feedback-resistant violin clip on pickups from top brands, violinists can now amplify their sound with studio-quality electronics in easy-to-attach units. Compare the best violin pickups for your playing needs and budget!


What's the difference between passive, piezo, and condenser violin pickups?

Passive magnetic violin pickups use magnets to generate signal from string vibrations. Piezo pickups utilize piezo crystals that output voltage when compressed. Condenser violin mics feature a thin diaphragm and provide the most balanced, high-fidelity sound.

Where exactly should I attach my violin clip on mic?

Violin pickups typically attach to the underside of the violin bridge using an adjustable clamp. Angle the pickup slightly towards the f-holes to help capture instrument resonance.

How long will a battery last in an active violin pickup?

With average use, you can expect several hundred hours of battery life from an active violin clip on microphone using either a standard 9V battery or coin cell battery.

What cables and amp should I use with a violin pickup?

Use a 1/4" instrument cable to go from your violin pickup output to an external preamp, mixing console, violin amplifier or PA system for optimal sound reinforcement and shaping.

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