Arri SRH360 and Arrihead 2 - Blending New Gyro Tech with a Vintage Fluid Head

Arri SRH360 and Arrihead 2 - Blending New Gyro Tech with a Vintage Fluid Head
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Introducing the Arri SRH360 and Arrihead 2

Technology in the world of film is constantly evolving. On one hand, you have the emergence of new cutting-edge gear like mirrorless and 8K digital cinema cameras pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Yet at the same time, workhorse cameras that have been industry staples for years still continue to churn out incredible images when put in the hands of a skilled camera operator.

A perfect example of this blend of new and old can be seen in Arri's relatively new SRH360 gyro-stabilized remote head paired with their vintage Arrihead 2 fluid head. This combo takes advantage of the precision and capabilities of modern stabilization technology while retaining the reliability and familiarity of a classic manual fluid head known for its robustness.

The Arri SRH360 Gyro-Stabilized Remote Head

The Arri SRH360 represents a new frontier for gyro-stabilized camera support technology. With its ability to communicate directly with the Alexa Mini LF and other cameras via motorized control cables, it allows for precisely repeatable remote controlled pans, tilts, rolls, and lens adjustments. This opens up possibilities previously not achievable for single operators working in cramped spaces while retaining complete creative control.

Weighing in at just 28 pounds, the Arri SRH360 is relatively lightweight and portable considering its payload capacity of up to 90 pounds. This makes it feasible to mount robust camera and lens packages for documentary, reality show, and narrative film applications where stable shooting is paramount but fast setup times are also essential.

While stabilized remote heads have existed previously, the SRH360's integrated display, detachable hand unit, intuitive menu system, and native integration with Arri and 3rd party cameras via motor cables set it apart. Furthermore, its ability to store and accurately repeat dynamic moves by recording pan, tilt and roll axes takes repeatable motion control to a new level.

Pairing With the Legendary Arrihead 2 Fluid Head

While the SRH360 serves as the brains and brawn of stabilized camera movement, every gyro head needs a reliable fluid head for physical connectivity. This is where the classic Arrihead 2 comes in. Having existed for decades as a workhorse across the film industry, especially in documentary production, its reliability and smoothness is practically unmatched.

The Arrihead 2 features physically separate pan and tilt locks to allow operators to lock down only one axis at a time. This means you can tilt freely while keeping the horizon perfectly level, allowing for artistically angled camera movements. The Arrihead 2 also utilizes a traditional side-loading quick release plate that will be immediately familiar to any experienced camera operator.

Putting Them Together as the Ultimate Production Package

While the SRH360 and Arrihead 2 each have illustrious reputations independently, combining them together with a camera like the Alexa Mini LF is where the true magic happens. You retain the smart remote capabilities of the SRH360 for dynamic and repeatable camera moves, while still having the reassurance of the proven Arrihead 2 to solidly support your expensive camera package.

Having this new meets old combo gives single camera operators much more creative freedom than ever before. You can execute ambitious camera moves without a huge crew thanks to the preset abilities of the SRH360. But you also minimize risk to gear by having the sturdy Arrihead 2 as a familiar foundation.

Additionally, this package maintains a relatively small footprint compared to jibs, dollies, or multi-crew operated setups. That allows you to be nimble and get shots that were previously only possible with much larger, expensive camera platforms.

Who Can Benefit From This Power Combo?

While these two pieces of gear can benefit all types of productions, there are a few sweet spot use cases:

  • Documentary filmmakers will value the ability to achieve smooth camera motion sans crew.
  • Reality show directors get dynamic shot possibilities without interrupting subjects.
  • Commercial DPs can execute complex repeatable motion control that impresses clients.
  • Narrative film camera operators gain more creative control while working fast.

And of course owners operators and rental houses can offer their clients capabilities previously out of reach without purchasing expensive gear.

The Future Has Arrived

New filmmaking technology will continue advancing year after year. However, tried and true gear has earned its reputation for good reason. Blending ARRI's latest gyro innovations with their legendary fluid head delivers creative possibilities beyond what each can achieve alone.

So while shiny new cameras may get all the hype, true camera connoisseurs understand the value of supporting gear like heads, lenses, and stabilization systems. Pairing the ARRI SRH360 and Arrihead 2 demonstrates that sometimes the future has arrived - you just have to combine it properly with pieces of the past.


How is the Arri SRH360 different from other gyro heads?

The SRH360 has native integration with Arri and 3rd party cameras via motor cables for precise repeatable motion control. Its integrated display and detachable hand unit also make it easier to operate than competitor products.

Why pair the Arri SRH360 with an older fluid head?

Vintage fluid heads like the Arrihead 2 offer proven reliability to securely hold expensive camera gear, while the SRH360 provides next-gen motion capabilities. Together they minimize risk while maximizing creative possibilities.

What types of productions can benefit most from this gear combo?

Documentaries, reality shows, commercials, and narrative films can all benefit thanks to more dynamic camera motion for single operators, no crew requirements, and a small footprint for maneuverability.

Is special training required to operate the SRH360?

Some specialized training helps, but Arri product manuals and support resources allow experienced camera operators to get up and running quickly thanks to the SRH360's intuitive controls.

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