Ghost Chair Rentals in NYC - Elevate Events with Philippe Starck Design

Ghost Chair Rentals in NYC - Elevate Events with Philippe Starck Design
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The History of the Iconic Ghost Chair

The Ghost chair, also known as the Louis Ghost chair, is a transparent polycarbonate chair designed by Philippe Starck for the Kartell furniture company in 2002. Its unique and iconic design is often used to add a contemporary and stylish look to venues. In recent years, ghost chairs have become hugely popular items to rent for events and parties in New York City.

Philippe Starck's Inspiration

Philippe Starck is a renowned French product designer known for his innovative and modern designs. His inspiration for the Louis Ghost chair came from the early 19th century chairs used by French monarchs which had a medallion backrest. However, Starck wanted to bring this classic seat into the 21st century using modern materials. This resulted in the transparent ghost chair that we know today.

Features of the Iconic Ghost Chair

The Louis Ghost chair stands out for its transparent and ethereal design. It is made from a single block of molded transparent polycarbonate which gives it a slick and stylish look. The chair is sturdy yet lightweight and handy to move around. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use making it ideal for various events and occasions. The medallion-style backrest and the sloped arms are reminiscent of the classic French chair that inspired its creation. However, the transparent structure gives it a contemporary twist.

Renting Ghost Chairs in NYC

Ghost chairs have become a popular item to elevate event decor in New York City venues. Their transparent, otherworldly look is perfect for creating a modern ambiance. A few key reasons why Louis Ghost chairs are commonly rented in the city are:

Visually Stunning Look

The transparent glass-like appearance of Louis Ghost chairs never fails to impress attendees. The chairs add a unique visual element to any party or wedding decor. Placing them strategically around the venue helps strike up conversations about your awesome chair selection!

Versatile Use Cases

Louis Ghost chairs can be used to decorate all kinds of events including weddings, birthdays, fashion shows, corporate events, gallery openings and more. Their versatile design fits well with any theme or decor style you have planned. Clear ghost chairs also work well indoors and outdoors.

Space Saving Design

Despite their statuesque look, Louis Ghost chairs are lightweight and convenient to stack up. So getting plenty of chairs to seat all your guests will not overload your party space. Their see-through structure even gives the illusion of having more room when placed around the venue perimeter.

Where to Rent Ghost Chairs in New York City

If you are hosting an event in NYC and want to rent some ghost chairs, here are some popular rental services to check out:

NYC Chair Rentals

With over 10 years of experience renting out event chairs and furniture in New York City, NYC Chair Rentals have a huge inventory of Louis Ghost chairs. You can select from clear or colored ghost chairs for your specific decor needs. They also have glass table rentals if you want furnishings that complement the chairs.

Modern Chair Rentals

This NYC-based rental outfit specializes in contemporary and designer chairs perfect for modern events. Along with transparent Louis Ghost chairs, they also offer other Philippe Starck creations like the Costes chair. You can rent by the chair or in bulk packages for large-scale events.

Ghost Chair Rentals NYC

As their name suggests, this rental company focuses specifically on providing high-quality Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chairs. You can select from perfectly clear transparent or colored smoke tinted ghost chairs forSHIP your events. An excellent choice if you want an expert Louis Ghost chair rental service.

Style Your Event with Ghost Chairs

Renting modern Louis Ghost chairs is a smart choice to elevate your next event in New York City. Their instantly recognizable transparent design shall enhance your decor and give your guests something to talk about. Contact a ghost chair rental company in NYC to deck out your next special occasion in contemporary style.


How many ghost chairs should I rent for my event?

Calculate 1 ghost chair for every 1-2 guests you plan to host. Renting a few extra always helps in case more guests show up.

What are ghost chairs made of?

Authentic Louis Ghost chairs are made from a single block of transparent or colored polycarbonate plastic. This gives them their signature sleek glass-like look.

Can ghost chairs be used outdoors?

Yes, Louis Ghost chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use making them very versatile.

How much does it cost to rent ghost chairs in New York City?

On average, ghost chair rentals in NYC cost $5 - $15 per chair depending on the rental company, number of chairs, delivery costs etc.

Do I have to rent ghost chairs in bulk or can I rent just 1?

Most NYC rental companies allow you to rent any quantity of Louis Ghost chairs starting from just 1 chair! However, bulk rentals come at discounted rates.

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