Unboxing Seventeen's Stylish "Sector 17" Compact Album Edition

Unboxing Seventeen's Stylish "Sector 17" Compact Album Edition
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Overview of Seventeen

Debuting in 2015, Seventeen quickly rose to fame with their synchronized choreography, catchy tracks, and endearing personalities. Often referred to as one of the most synchronized groups in K-Pop for their immaculate coordination, Seventeen contains three units - hip hop, vocal, and performance. Each member brings unique strengths, culminating in powerful performances.

Seventeen's Multiple Album Releases

In 2022, Seventeen unveiled their fourth studio album "Face the Sun" to widespread acclaim. On the heels of this successful release came their first repackaged album, "Sector 17". Sector 17 sees Seventeen deliver their signature bright sound with the lead single “_World” and six new tracks.

Highlights of "Sector 17" Album

Dynamic lead single “_World” showcases Seventeen's theatrical side with its lively instrumentals. Meanwhile, emotional B-side track “Falling for U” pulls at heartstrings with its sweet lyrics and touching melody. Along with spectacular new songs, this compact version of "Sector 17" features reshaped album packaging and collectible photocards for fans to treasure.

Unboxing the Compact "Sector 17" Album

As longtime fans, called Carats, unbox this compact album edition, they will discover reshaped album packaging and newly designed photocards featuring the thirteen members - S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino.

Packaging and Photobooks

The packaging shape has shifted from a box to a horizontal style. Promotional photos of various units grace the album covers. Open the album to find a photobook capturing Seventeen’s mesmerizing visuals across over 100 pages. Crisp concept photos alternate between soft and edgy to showcase the versatility of the members.

Inclusions: Photocards and Postcards

One randomly selected member photocard comes enclosed, perfect for collecting. This special album also contains a postcard set - thirteen postcards to be exact, one for every cherished member. Both sides of the postcards offer unique solo images of each idol.

CD Plate Design

The CD plate housing the disc features a clean design with “Seventeen” and “Sector 17” text. A group image of all thirteen memberscce completes the look. Of course, fans can enjoy the hit songs from this album once inserting the disc to play.

Must-Have Album for Seventeen Fans

As Seventeen Circles will quickly realize, this Sector 17 compact version is a must-have addition to any fan’s collection thanks to the reshaped packaging, newly designed inclusions, and hit tracks. Both veteran fans and newer supporters of the group, dubbed Carats, will treasure this album.

Gorgeous Packaging and Photocards

With 100+ photobook pages showcasing Seventeen's visual flair and talent, an exclusive member photocard, thirteen member postcards, and recrafted packaging shape, this album release feels extra special. Fans can proudly display their photocards and postcards.

CD Plate and Music

While the packaging and inclusions thrill, the actual CD satisfies music lovers with top tracks like “_World” and “Falling for U” plus previous b-sides from “Sector 17”. Play the CD to hear Seventeen's sweet vocals, hard-hitting raps, and lively instrumentals.

Final Review

As expected from one of K-Pop's top groups, this Sector 17 compact version delivers in every way - visually stunning design, diverse musicality, and special collectibles for fans. Vernon, S.Coups, Dino, and the rest of Seventeen have done it again with an album made for replays.

From unboxing to appreciating the final product, Carats will not regret adding this compact edition to their collection. For new fans, this album also serves as a solid introduction to Seventeen's talents. Overall, the Sector 17 compact version stands tall as Seventeen continues cementing their legacy.


What is special about the Sector 17 compact album edition?

This compact edition features reshaped packaging from a box to a horizontal style, 100+ photobook pages, an exclusive member photocard, a set of 13 member postcards, and a redesigned CD plate.

What are some standout songs on the Sector 17 album?

Standouts include the lead single “_World” which shows Seventeen's theatricality and “Falling for U” an emotional song with sweet lyrics and touching melodies.

What items are included in the Sector 17 compact edition?

Inclusions are 100+ page photobooks, 1 random member photocard, a set of 13 member postcards, and the CD featuring hit songs like “_World” and “Falling for U”.

Who might enjoy adding the Sector 17 compact album to their collection?

This album is a must-have for existing Seventeen fans, dubbed Carats. New K-Pop fans can also appreciate this release as an introduction to Seventeen's talents.

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