The Allure of the Vibrant Turquoise Boutonniere for Today's Groom

The Allure of the Vibrant Turquoise Boutonniere for Today's Groom
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The Allure of the Turquoise Boutonniere

A boutonniere is a fundamental element of a groom's wedding day ensemble, but rather than settling for a predictable red rose or carnation, today's grooms are exploring unique colors and flowers. The turquoise boutonniere has emerged as one eye-catching option, offering a dash of vibrant color against a dark suit.

What is a Turquoise Boutonniere?

A turquoise boutonniere utilizes flowers in shades of aquatic blue and green to create a colorful accessory for the groom's lapel. While roses are still commonly incorporated, pairings with hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus, ranunculus, or thistle introduce exciting textures and dimensions.

While naturally turquoise flowers do exist, most florists craft this look with hand-dyed blooms. This allows for customization of the exact hue, ensuring it complements a wedding's color scheme. The finishing touches involve wrapping the stems in decorative wire, ribbon, or other embellishments that coordinate with the turquoise theme.

The Origins of the Boutonniere Tradition

The origins of the boutonniere can be traced back centuries to the days of Medieval knights, who would wear a token from their lady love into tournaments and battles. Over time this evolved into floral and herb decorations that Victorian gentlemen would wear on their lapels when courting.

This gentlemanly custom eventually became a staple of formal occasions like weddings. As lapel pins fell out of everyday fashion, the boutonniere remained a standard expression of celebration and significance.

Why Choose a Turquoise Boutonniere?

While white and red boutonnieres retain their timeless appeal, today's grooms appreciate a chance to showcase their unique personal style. The brilliant splash of a turquoise boutonniere signals that a wedding will forgo cookie cutter traditions.

This color also brings a soothing aquatic ambiance, ideal for beachside ceremonies and summer weddings. Its vibrancy provides a striking style statement without overwhelming classically elegant attire. For the groom seeking originality without risk, turquoise offers the perfect creative touch.

Designing Your Own Signature Turquoise Boutonniere

Once you've embraced the turquoise trend, consider making custom enhancements that channel your personality and venue. Here are some ideas for taking this staple to innovative new heights:

Showcase the Shade with Single Stem Simplicity

Sometimes less is more, allowing a sole hypericum berry stem or ranunculus head to shine with turquoise brilliance. Wrap just under the flowerhead with ribbon in your wedding color for added polish.

Incorporate Natural Accents

Soothing turquoise makes an ideal counterpoint to natural supplementary foliage like seeded eucalyptus, olive branches, rosemary, or wheat. These neutral plant materials further soften the colors to appealing effect.

Nestle in Neutrals

While cool tones inspire turquoise palettes, the addition of ivory roses or white ranunculus blooms adds striking contrast. This also enables coordinating colors on your bride's bouquet for a cohesive look.

Echo the Wedding's Tone with Blues

Coordinate your turquoise hue with other blue floral varieties like hydrangeas, thistle, delphiniums, or muscari for harmonious color echoes. This creates appealing consistency across the wedding's decorative elements.

A Statement of Self-Expression

With endless options for creating a custom turquoise boutonniere, this emerging trend enables grooms to blend tradition with personal panache. Strike the ideal balance between recognizable wedding essentials and signature flair that reflects your taste and style.

Discuss your vision with your florist, stock up on inspiring images, and relish this chance for subtle self expression amid your special day. A perfectly curated turquoise boutonniere ensures you'll look back on a wedding that beautifully blended timeless meaning with contemporary natural artistry.


What flowers are typically used in a turquoise boutonniere?

Roses remain a popular choice, but florists also incorporate ranunculus, thistle, hypericum berries, seeded eucalyptus, and other textural blooms. The flowers are usually dyed to achieve the perfect turquoise tone.

What is the meaning behind a boutonniere?

Boutonnieres originated with medieval knights wearing tokens of favor from ladies they admired or courted. Over time this became an accessory worn at formal events like weddings to signify celebration and mark the importance of the occasion.

Why choose a turquoise boutonniere over traditional red?

The vibrant turquoise hue provides a creative, modern twist on classic wedding style. It makes a striking statement without overwhelming elegant attire. Turquoise also perfectly suits beach and summer weddings.

Should my boutonniere match my bride's bouquet?

Cohesion looks stunning, so use complementary blooms to echo your bride's colors. But the boutonniere also enables grooms to express individual taste. Discuss ideas with your florist to strike the ideal balance you both love.

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