Moss Purses: A Hot Accessory Trend for Nature Lovers

Moss Purses: A Hot Accessory Trend for Nature Lovers
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The Allure of Moss Purses

Moss purses have become an increasingly popular accessory choice thanks to their natural, earthy aesthetic. With origins in fairycore and cottagecore style trends, these bags allow plant parents and nature lovers alike to showcase their appreciation for foliage in a unique way.

The Growth of Fairycore Style

Fairycore style embraces romantic and whimsical themes from folklore like fairies and goblins. Natural elements like flowers, mushrooms, and moss are used prominently throughout the style. As fairycore has spread across social media, its lush green palette and artisanal vibe have inspired creators to incorporate real preserved moss into handmade goods like moss purses and moss bags.

Cottagecore Style Goes Mainstream

Cottagecore style shares a lot of common ground with fairycore when it comes to pastoral inspiration. Cottagecore similarly taps into nostalgia for more simple times with storybook countryside aesthetics. Florals, foraged items, and foliage abound in the style. As cottagecore has proliferated, the appetite for moss accent pieces has also grown. Moss purses allow cottagecore devotees to punctuate their ensembles with hints of woodlands and cottage garden charm.

Houseplant Obsession Drives Moss Appeal

The rising obsession with houseplants over the last decade has also fueled interest in moss as a decorative piece. As plant parents fill their homes with piles of lush potted greenery, moss has become coveted for its hardiness and vibrancy. DIYers have begun using preserved moss to craft terrariums, living walls, and a range of earthy decor objects. Incorporating moss purses into this plant-centric lifestyle is a no-brainer for moss bag enthusiasts.

Crafting Sustainable Moss Bags

Part of moss bags' allure lies in their sustainability. As creators develop new ways to craft gorgeous moss purses responsibly, the appeal of these bags continues to grow.

Ethically Sourced Materials

Conscientious makers consider moss a precious material requiring careful conservation. Wild moss can be harvested sustainably from fallen logs, stones, and trees without destroying habitats. Ensure any moss was ethically foraged before purchase. Sourcing additional materials like fabric and findings from green creators and vendors helps complete a moss bag with care for the planet.

Preserved vs Live Moss

Preserved moss offers longevity over years while live moss requires specialized care. Ethically harvested moss can be preserved through careful drying or with stabilizing spray sealants. Preserved moss maintains its appearance beautifully while avoiding ongoing maintenance. For plant parents up for the challenge, some moss purse makers offer live moss installations. Live moss forms a gorgeous accent but requires monitoring ideal moisture and light levels to thrive indoors.

Biodegradable vs Plastic

Conventional clear plastic sheets often secure moss in place on purse exteriors. However, biodegradable covers offer a planet-friendly alternative. Some templates use removable cotton backings behind moss rather than plastic sheeting. Cotton canvas or linen base layers allow moss bags to decompose completely after use. Seek out moss purse designs minimizing plastic components for the most sustainable impact.

Designing Your Dream Moss Bag

Once you decide to DIY or purchase a moss purse, the fun really begins. With so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to find or create the perfect moss bag to match your personal taste.

Shapes and Silhouettes

Traditional moss bags often follow classic handbag silhouettes like rounded hobos, petite shoulder bags, structured satchels, and novelty shapes. Mini backpacks and belt bags have also become popular thanks to their hands-free functionality. Or take inspiration from the forest floor itself and decorate an organic moss shape or preserved log slice with an attached strap.

Fabric and Color Pairings

Neutral canvas makes an ideal backing for moss in natural green hues. Alternately, pair bright, vibrant mosses with rich fabrics like velvet or leather for dramatic contrast. For a harmonious look, match the moss with analogous earth tones. Moss also pops beautifully against black fabric. And for fairycore or cottagecore style, choose soft pastels or flowy cottons to complement the moss.

Added Embellishments

Take your moss purse to the next level by accenting it with charming embellishments. Mini flower patches, reclaimed wood beads, carved crystal drops, and found object charms all enhance a moss bag’s beauty. You can also affix tiny terrariums behind glass cabochons for a self-containedmoss garden focal point. Get creative highlighting and complementing your moss backdrop.

However you choose to style it, a moss purse offers an eye-catching accent piece for plant-loving fashionistas. Let this lush green accessory bring a little magical whimsy to your everyday ensemble.


What are the most popular shapes for moss purses?

Some of the most popular shapes for moss purses include hobo bags, shoulder bags, satchels, mini backpacks, belt bags, and novelty shapes inspired by nature.

Is live or preserved moss better for a moss purse?

Preserved moss is lower maintenance and lasts for years, while live moss requires careful monitoring of light and moisture. It comes down to personal preference and care commitment.

What fabrics pair best with moss?

Neutral canvas and earth tones beautifully complement moss's natural green hues. For contrast, pair moss with rich velvet, leather, or black fabrics. Soft pastels and cottons also achieve a lovely harmony.

How can I embellish my moss purse?

Mini flower patches, wood beads, crystal drops, found object charms, and tiny terrariums make excellent moss purse embellishments. Get creative highlighting your moss backdrop.

Is moss environmentally sustainable for handbags?

Responsibly harvested moss and biodegradable/plant-based purse components make moss bags a sustainable accessory choice.

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