Spread HollyDolly Christmas Cheer with Dolly Ornaments

Spread HollyDolly Christmas Cheer with Dolly Ornaments
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Spreading HollyDolly Christmas Cheer with a Dolly Ornament

The queen of country music always brings sparkle and rhinestones to any occasion. What better way to capture her glittering spirit than with a handmade Dolly Parton Christmas ornament! These cheerful decorations will have you embellishing your tree with HollyDolly joy.

Gather Your Materials

Making your own Dolly ornament starts with gathering a few fun supplies. You'll need items like:

  • Glitter cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon, string, or thread
  • Rhinestones, sequins, glitter, and other sparkly embellishments
  • A picture or drawing of Dolly's face

Raid your craft stash for anything flashy and fun. This DIY Christmas craft is all about channeling Dolly's signature style.

Cut Out Your Ornament

Use glittery cardstock, construction paper, or even felt to cut out your ornament shape. A round or star shape works nicely. You can make them any size you like, from little mini ornaments to a statement piece on your tree.

If you want to get really creative, cut out a guitar, cowboy boot, or the state of Tennessee!

Add Dolly's Beautiful Face

No Dolly ornament would be complete without her gorgeous visage. Carefully cut out a photo, magazine clipping, or hand-drawn portrait of the icon to glue in the center.

If you have a color printer, look for a nice close-up glamour shot of her with big blonde hair and bright red lips. Or channel her country roots with a candid snapshot of her in her younger years.

Bling It Out!

Now comes the best part - blinging out your Dolly decoration! Break out all those rhinestones, sequins, metallic flakes, and glitter you have. Go wild embellishing your ornament with sparkle.

Use hot glue or craft glue to attach any shiny trims or fabrics too. Fringe, metallic ribbons, lace - anything eye-catching is fair game.

When in doubt, ask yourself "Would Dolly approve of this?" The more over-the-top flashy you go, the better!

Add the Finishing Touches

Almost done! Finish up your Holly Dolly Christmas ornament by:

  • Gluing on any final embellishments
  • Punching a hole near the top for hanging
  • Stringing ribbon or tying on hanging strings
  • Consider writing Dolly's name on it or the year in glitter letters
  • Spraying with sealant if you used glitter to prevent shedding

Now your sparkling ode to the glitzy queen of country is ready to trim your Christmas tree or give as a gift!

Hanging Your Handmade Dolly Ornaments

Find some special spots to show off your custom Dolly decorations. Here are some ideas:

On the Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree deserves some rhinestone cowgirl cheer! Hang your Dolly keepsakes front and center so her sunny smile and flashy style can brighten the whole room.

The Mantle

Line them up along your mantle garland for some extra color and sparkle. Let Dolly be the star attraction of your cozy holiday decor.

Package Accents

Use miniature Dolly ornaments to jazz up gift bags or adhere to the tops of packages with ribbons. They make perfect little gift toppers!

Windows and Walls

Stick removable adhesive hook-and-loop dots on the backs to turn your ornaments into wall decor. Cluster them artfully around window frames or create dazzling holiday collages on walls.

DIY Wreaths

Weave big Dolly decos throughout fresh evergreen wreaths on front doors or table centerpieces. Her downhome charm and your creativity are a festive pairing!

However you choose to show off your special handcrafted ornaments, they will add a heaping dose of Holly Jolly Dolly magic this Christmas!


What supplies do I need to make a Dolly ornament?

You'll need cardstock or construction paper, photos of Dolly's face, glue, scissors, a hole punch, ribbon, rhinestones, sequins, glitter, and other embellishments. Raid your craft closet for anything sparkly!

What shape should I cut the ornament?

Classic round or star shapes work well. But you can get creative with guitars, cowboy boots, Tennessee shapes, or anything that feels "Dolly" to you!

How do I make the ornament shiny like Dolly?

Bling it out! Use hot glue or craft glue to attach rhinestones, sequins, metallic flakes, glitter, fringe, lace, metallic ribbons - anything flashy. The more over-the-top sparkle you add, the better!

Where should I display my Dolly ornament?

Hang them proudly on your Christmas tree, line them up along the mantel, use as gift package toppers, stick them on walls and windows, or weave them into holiday wreaths. Get creative showcasing Dolly's glittering glory!

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