Mastering the Legendary Little Dipper Swimbait for Bass

Mastering the Legendary Little Dipper Swimbait for Bass
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All About the Little Dipper Swimbait

The Little Dipper swimbait has become a go-to lure for bass anglers across the country thanks to its innovative design and proven ability to catch fish. This versatile soft plastic swimbait resembles a variety of common baitfish patterns, making it an extremely lifelike simulation that predatory species just can't resist.

Background on the Little Dipper Swimbait

The original Little Dipper was designed in 2008 by professional bass angler Aaron Martens using an injection molding process that gives the lure an ultra-realistic scale pattern and 3D eyes. Martens partnered with Little Creeper Baits to manufacture and distribute the lure, which quickly earned a reputation as one of the most effective swimbaits for catching big bass.

Since its introduction, the Little Dipper has spawned an entire product line of Little Dipper swimbaits featuring various sizes, color patterns, and rigging options. However, that very first 4-inch model in smelt and bluegill colors remains one of the most popular configurations.

Little Dipper Swimbait Features

What sets the Little Dipper apart from other hard swimbaits is its precisely detailed body shape and scale patterning which mimics baitfish perfectly. It also features some key design elements:

  • Tapered body shape that cuts smoothly through the water
  • 3D molded eyes for added realism
  • Durable construction yet soft enough for solid hooksets
  • Built-in rattle that emits fish-attracting noise

Anglers can rig Little Dipper swimbaits either weedless or with an exposed weighted hook to achieve different depths and retrieve speeds. They are most deadly when slowly rolled and paused along structure, played just under the surface, or counted down to bump along the bottom.

When and Where to Fish the Little Dipper Swimbait

Experienced bass anglers know that conditions dictate everything when it comes to choosing the right lure. Here are some of the top situations where tossing a Little Dipper swimbait is a smart move:

Pre-Spawn and Spawning Seasons

The spring spawn is prime time to fish a Little Dipper. It mimics the shad and bluegill that bass key on before and during their spawn. Slow-rolling a Little Dipper over beds or structure is deadly for intercepting spawning and guarding bass.

Night Fishing

The low-light and dark conditions of night fishing make it harder for bass to distinguish prey. A Little Dipper swimbait with its lifelike profile and action really shines after dark when worked slowly in areas bass are actively feeding.

Cold Fronts

When tougher weather or sudden cold snaps put bass in a funk, the Little Dipper's tantalizing wiggle and vibration can still draw stubborn strikes. Focus on warmest water available and fish it even more deliberately than usual.

How to Rig and Fish the Little Dipper Swimbait

Weedless Rigs

For fishing around thick cover, a Little Dipper can be Texas or Carolina rigged. Bury the hook point into the nose to peg the bait weedless, then allow it to sink into cover and lift/drop or jiggle it in place. Any curious bass hiding in cover has to come investigate it.

Open Water Retrieval

Attach the Little Dipper to an exposed jighead or weighted swimbait hook that matches the size bait. For a surface-swimming retrieve, use a lighter jighead and steady slow roll with occasional pauses to let the bait rise and fall. For deeper counts, use heavier jigs and count the bait down before slow rolling it along structure.


The most common mistake is setting the hook too soon when there is any slight bump or flash behind the bait, especially weedless. Wait until a bass really loads up and turns with the bait, then sweep back firmly to drive the point through the swimbait into fish. Use strong enough hooks and line to avoid pulling free on hooksets.

Selecting the Best Little Dipper Colors

The Little Dipper comes in a huge range of bass-catching colors, but there are a few that always produce more fish:


A natural translucent silver that looks like real baitfish. Great clear water option.


Vivid green, yellow, brown colors simulating prime bass prey. Works in all water clarities.


Bright, visible contrast helps bass spot it in dirtier water. Excellent night and low-light swimbait.


Fluorescent yellow-green pops under overcast skies or stained water. Also draws big aggressive strikes.

Why the Little Dipper Catches More and Bigger Bass

There are hundreds of different swimbaits out there, yet so many bass anglers keep going back to the Little Dipper time and time again. Here are a few reasons why it just flat out catches fish:

  • Supremely lifelike profile, 3D eyes and details that bass can't resist
  • Versatile rigging options to match any situation - exposed, weedless, light wire, heavy wire, etc.
  • Casts and swims excellently at any retrieve speed
  • Durable soft plastic stands up to multiple fish without tearing
  • Perfected action triggers reaction bites from pressured bass

While original Little Dipper bodies are proven fish catchers, don't be afraid to experiment with some of the newer sizes and colors now available too. The unmatched action and profile shape still does the trick!

Little Dipper Swimbaits and Big Bass Dreams

Every angler dreams of hooking into the bass of a lifetime. Little Dipper swimbaits have certainly produced some giant fish over 10+ pounds, including some record setting hawgs. Don't be surprised if you boat a personal best chunk running one of these perfectly replicated soft plastic shad imitations.

Whether casually casting for fun with friends or competing in a high stakes bass tournament, make sure to have Little Dipper swimbaits tied on. Just be ready when that next monster bass crushes it! Good luck out there and tight lines.


What colors of Little Dipper swimbaits work best?

The most productive colors tend to be translucent silver "Smelt", bright green pumpkin "Bluegill", solid white, and fluorescent yellow-green "Chartreuse". Match the clarity of the water and lighting conditions.

Can I use the Little Dipper as a topwater lure?

Yes, rig it weedless with an exposed weighted swimbait hook and steady retrieve it just under the surface. Allow it to pause and rise occasionally, which drives bass nuts.

How do I prevent bass from hitting the Little Dipper short?

Downsize to a smaller model Little Dipper to better match hatchery-sized baitfish. Also upgrade to stronger treble hooks less likely to tear free on frenzied attacks.

When should I set the hook with a Little Dipper?

Be patient! Wait until you feel the bass load up with the bait and turn to swim off. Sweeping hooks sets are most effective to penetrate the bait and fish.

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