Create Breathtaking Geode Tea Light Holders for Your Dream Wedding

Create Breathtaking Geode Tea Light Holders for Your Dream Wedding
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What are Mini Geode Tea Light Holders?

Mini geode tea light holders utilize small geode halves with hollowed out centers as charming holders for standard size tea light candles. The striking geode crystals surrounded by the neutral rock exterior create a beautiful glow when candles are placed inside.

These mini geode candle holders present opportunities for creativity for weddings. Their sizes work perfectly to accent décor on guest tables, line aisles or steps, or even act as romantic focal points on couples' tables.

Sourcing Mini Geodes

Mini geodes ranging from 2-4 inches make the best small candle holders. Buy them from specialty online crystal and gem shops, metaphysical stores, or even check craft stores for raw geode chunks to cut yourself.

Making Geode Tea Light Holders

Transform raw geodes into tea light holders by cutting them in half horizontally using a tile saw. Then use a round drill bit slightly smaller than a tea light's diameter to drill 1-2 inch deep holes into their centers.

Smooth any sharp inner edges with sandpaper so candles can sit flush with no danger of cracking. Finish them off with an optional clear sealant spray if desired.

Incorporating Mini Geode Tea Light Holders at Weddings

Once crafted into holders, mini geodes bring striking elegance through creative placements:

Guest Table Centerpieces

Sit a trio of mismatched mini geode tea light holders with glowing candles at each guest table for stunning organic centerpieces. Surround them with accents like crystals, colored glass pebbles, or small wreaths of seasonal flowers and greens.

Ceremony Aisle Décor

Line walkways with rows of mini geode tea lights inside paper bag luminaries or set around flower petal arrangements. Use them to gently light the aisle during evening ceremonies.

Staircase Display

Turn staircases into shimmering focal features by arranging an assortment of drilled geodes with candles glowing inside along step edges. Ensure proper fire safety here with LED fake candles instead.

Couples’ Table Accent

Make the couples' table extra special with rings of drilled geodes encircling pillar candles, vases, or the bases of wedding cakes and dessert displays.

More Mini Geode Wedding Décor Ideas

The versatility of these natural tea light holders allows for all kinds of creative placements to enhance wedding ambience:

Escort Card Holders

Glue cardstock flags with guest table assignments to the flat backs of mini geodes. Arrange them on a table so guests can find their seats guided by the glow of tea lights inside.

Outdoor Path Lights

Line walkways between venues or sections of outdoor areas by nestling drilled geode tea lights inside tiny stone beds or inspirational quote plaques.

Table Numbers

Paint numbers on the backs of flat geode halves and place atop pillars of stacked books or wood slices. Put tea lights inside the geodes so the numbers shine through beautifully.

Favor Boxes

Use extra raw geode chunks to craft charming favor boxes, like attaching magnets to flat backs and outfitting with handles. Then tuck tea lights into their centers so guests can carry the candles away.

Centerpiece Frames

Wire thin strips of malleable metal into round frames fitting around the midsections of standard geodes standing upright. Add rings of tiny crystals that catch the candlelight.

Hanging Lanterns

Make dazzling hanging lanterns out of large geodes, drilling out holes in both sides and running metal wires through openings for hanging. Line their bases with mini LEDs instead of actual candles.

Reasons to Use Mini Geode Tea Light Holders at Weddings

These natural candle vessels make excellent wedding decor choices for all kinds of celebrations because:

They’re Unique

Geodes aren’t common wedding decor so they make a huge visual impact, capturing guests’ eyes with natural raw beauty amplified by candlelight.

They Connect to Nature

Their organic shapes and crystal structures add gorgeous natural touches representing earthy grounding that’s perfect for outdoor weddings.

They Have Heirloom Value

Geodes’ timeless beauty lets couples reuse them as anniversary or household decor for years, holding sweet nostalgic connections.

They Spotlight Other Elements

When lined along tables or paths, mini geode tea lights draw attention to other décor details like flowers, linens, signage etc.

They Add Warm Ambient Light

Candlelight creates a warm romantic glow and pleasant atmosphere, especially for evening receptions and ceremonies.

They Fit Various Themes

Whether aiming for classic elegance, boho style, natural simplicity or eclectic personality, mini geode holders match beautifully.

Creatively Glowing Mini Geode Holders

Infusing geode crystals into wedding décor through charming drilled tea light holders provides natural dazzle with personalized character. Make the most of these special stones by arranging their flickering glow to enhance aisle ceremonies, decorate reception tables, and delight guests.


Where can I buy small geodes suitable for tea light holders?

The best places to source raw geodes in the ideal 2-4 inch size range for tea light holders are online shops specializing in crystals, gemstones, and minerals. You may also check craft stores for tumbled or raw geode chunks sold in bags by weight. Select smoother rounder pieces.

What's the best way to drill holder holes in geodes?

Use a tile saw to cut geodes in half horizontally first. Then drill holder holes with a round masonry bit that's slightly narrower than your tea lights's diameter, going about 1-2 inches deep. Smooth any sharp inner edges afterwards with fine grit sandpaper.

How do I ensure mini geode tea light safety?

Always place geode candle holders on non-flammable surfaces, keeping away from table linens. For staircases, pathways or hanging displays, use LED fake tea lights instead of open flames. Position real candles in sturdy solid bases of beads, pebbles or sand inside larger vessels or holders.

What are some creative geode and tea light wedding ideas?

Line walkways with glowing geode luminaries, use them as romantic table centerpieces surrounded by crystals and flowers, craft escort card displays illuminated by tea lights, attach them along staircases for atmosphere, or encircle wedding cakes for personalized pizzazz.

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