Aftermarket Nissan 240SX S13 Front Bumpers - Upgrade Guide

Aftermarket Nissan 240SX S13 Front Bumpers - Upgrade Guide
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Introducing the Iconic Nissan 240SX S13

The Nissan 240SX is a sports coupe that first debuted in 1989. The first generation S13 model, built from 1989 to 1994, has become one of the most popular enthusiast cars on the tuner scene. With its lightweight rear-wheel drive platform, responsive handling, and immense customization potential, the S13 has rightfully earned its place as an automotive icon.

The S13's Characteristic Exterior Style

One of the most recognizable aspects of the 240SX S13 is its distinct exterior styling. It features pop up headlights on an angular front end, paired with a sleek hatchback rear. This sporty silhouette became an instant classic. Beyond its iconic good looks, the S13 also proved itself to be exceptionally lightweight and nimble.

While strong in its factory form, perhaps the greatest appeal of the S13 is its immense aftermarket support. From wheels to body kits, the platform offers essentially endless customization. This has spawned some incredibly creative builds over the past three decades.

The Strong Basis for Stunning Body Kit Conversions

Given its performance potential and great styling, the S13 serves as an ideal base for custom body kit conversions. From adding side skirts and splitters, to full-on widebody kits, the S13 takes very well to a transformed appearance.

Front Bumper Upgrades Complete the Look

When seeking that perfect custom look, an upgraded front bumper can make all the difference. The front bumper contributes enormously to the overall aesthetic and vibe of an S13 build.

Accentuating the Car's Overall Theme

A new front bumper allows the rest of the build to come together seamlessly. It can complement the other body work, like side skirts and rear spats, accentuating the car's overall theme.

An aftermarket front bumper also enables more aggressive modifications like front splitters and bumper canards. Not only will these make the car look lower and meaner, they also provide added aerodynamic elements.

Creating the Desired Visual Profile

The range of S13 front bumpers available grants the ability to fine tune the vehicle's visual profile. For a clean, OEM+ type of build, one might choose a bumper that is modestly restyled. But those seeking the full show car appearance can select something much more pronounced to elicit maximum reactions.

Front lips can be molded into bumpers for a lowered look. Or the bumper can take on a wider, boxed-off design for that widened stance. The possibilities are truly expansive with the variety of S13 front bumpers on the market.

Popular Choices for Nissan S13 Front Bumpers

There are numerous options when shopping for an S13 front bumper replacement. Some bumpers keep to the integrated factory design, while others utilize a modular look. Here are some leading choices:

OEM Reproduction Type

Sticking with the original integrated style, OEM reproduction bumpers offer improved fitment and durability than the aging factory parts. These direct replacements are great for clean, subtle builds.

One Piece Drift Spats

A popular style is the one-piece drift spat replacement. This incorporates the side skirts and front end all together, normally widening the car's entire footprint. It's an easy way to achieve that engulfing body kit look.

Modular Style Kits

For more flexibility, modular bumpers allow mixing and matching different pieces. One can match sides skirts and lips separately for more customization. This allows dialing in details while sticking to a budget.

Installing a New Bumper – Things to Know

While it may sound simple to bolt on a new front bumper, there are some important factors to address for a quality installation:

Take Proper Measurements

When ordering a new bumper, carefully measure the car's existing dimensions. Not all S13's are built exactly alike, so custom bumpers must accommodate small inconsistencies.

Understand Fitment Complexity

Some bumpers slot directly into factory mounts and locations. But wider or more elaborate designs may require drilling new mounting holes and refinishing the install area.Know what is required for fitment before starting work.

Prepare Installation Access

Finally, have the necessary tools on hand for removal of the factory bumper, modifications if necessary, and installation. Ramps or jacks help reach underside mounting locations. Avoid headaches by having the right equipment.

Completing Your Custom 240SX S13 Vision

Installing an aftermarket front bumper is one of the most rewarding upgrades for any Nissan S13 build. With so much versatility among the many bumpers available, you can truly customize the car's attitude to match your vision. It then leaves the door open for future upgrades down the road.

So for S13 owners passionate about perfecting their car's look and taking the build to the next level, an upgraded bumper belongs very high on the modification list. Let your custom 240SX make a bold statement and turn heads on the streets!


What are some popular styles of aftermarket front bumpers for the S13?

Some popular options are OEM reproduction bumpers, one-piece drift spat kits, and modular bumpers that allow mixing and matching pieces from different manufacturers.

What kind of modifications may be required to install an aftermarket bumper?

Some custom bumpers require drilling new mounting holes, trimming or refinishing parts of the chassis for fitment, removing crash beams, or making other adjustments from the factory setup.

Can I install a new front bumper myself?

It’s possible for some bumpers, but has challenges. You need automotive skills, proper tools, ramps/jacks for access, and patience getting parts to align. Many opt to have professional installation.

Will installing a new bumper void my factory warranty?

Aftermarket bumpers will not void the overall factory warranty, but any related damage or issues from installing it will not likely be covered under warranty.

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