Gloves as Symbols of Strength and Resilience | Hanskar TikTok Video Goes Viral

Gloves as Symbols of Strength and Resilience | Hanskar TikTok Video Goes Viral
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Understanding the Meaning of "Hanskar"

The Swedish word "hanskar" translates to "gloves" in English. This word has taken on new meaning thanks to the viral TikTok video with the hashtag #tik_tok_santhal_kuri. In this video, a girl is shown going about daily activities while wearing thick gloves, with the implication being that she feels no pain. The message of the video seems to be about perseverance in the face of hardship. Let's explore the deeper significance behind this video and the meaning of the word "hanskar."

The Viral TikTok Video Featuring "Hanskar"

In the TikTok video, a young indigenous Santal girl from India is shown completing everyday tasks while wearing large, padded gloves on her hands. She chops wood, lifts heavy loads, and completes other chores without ever removing these protective "hanskar." The hashtags indicate that she has learned to live and work with her gloves constantly on, suggesting that she feels no discomfort or pain even while undertaking manual labor.

The video struck a chord with viewers, quickly amassing over 3 million views on TikTok. Many left comments praising the girl's dedication to completing her daily work despite what must be uncomfortable heat and limited dexterity from wearing her thick gloves. The video seems to carry an implicit message about perseverance, adaptability, and resilience.

The Significance of the Gloves in Indigenous Cultures

For indigenous Santal people and other tribal groups in India, gloves or "hanskar" carry deep cultural meaning. Gloves are seen as protective coverings that allow the wearer to lift heavy loads and undertake manual work that would otherwise be painful. They allow people to complete tasks essential for survival despite harsh conditions.

In many indigenous stories, gloves are gifted by gods or ancestors to help the people thrive. The gloves symbolize the ability to provide and care for one's family and community. Wearing gloves is thus associated with responsibility, duty, and maturity rather than childishness.

This cultural context gives deeper meaning to the TikTok video. The girl's gloves don't just protect her hands; they represent her willingness to take on adult responsibility and do her duty to support her household. Her maturity in wearing the gloves with neither complaint nor efforts to remove them demonstrates profound resilience.

What the TikTok Video Reveals About Resilience

Upon reflection, this brief TikTok video carries significant messages about the human capacity for resilience. The young girl chooses to not only complete her daily work wearing gloves that severely limit her dexterity but to also do so without allowing the discomfort to stop her progress or responsibilities.

Psychologists define resilience as the ability to overcome hardship and adapt to emotional or situational stresses. Resilience is often forged by surviving adverse events and demonstrating positive coping skills rather than becoming discouraged or defeated.

This unnamed Santal girl in the video embodies resilience. Rather than viewing her gloves as an encumbrance, she accepts them as necessary tools for completing her expected household duties. She remains resolved to support her family regardless of personal cost, adapting both physically and mentally to the demands. Her placid demeanor while wearing the gloves indicates emotional resilience as well as practical adaptability.

In just a few seconds, this TikTok video reveals incredible depths of human strength and resolute spirit. It reminds viewers around the world that with sufficient motivation and grit, incredible resilience is within all of our reaches.

Life Lessons from the Viral "Hanskar" Video

Upon watching and reflecting on this TikTok video, several profound life lessons emerge around building resilience, supporting family, and persevering despite difficulties:

  • Accept necessary hardships and adapts rather than fighting inevitabilities
  • Remain resolved to fulfill duties to family and community
  • Demonstrate emotional resilience by not internalizing hardship as personal defeats
  • Show willingness to undertake responsibility despite difficulty or discomfort
  • Persevere in the face of challenge through deliberate resilient mindsets
  • Mature rapidly by learning to thrive within limiting environments

These powerful lessons around resilience, responsibility, adaptability, and grit are universal. Anyone from any culture can draw inspiration from this young Santal girl in her gloves. She embodies human strength and the ability to support others even when personally challenged.

Why the Concept of "Hanskar" Has Gone Viral

This brief TikTok video has resonated with millions not only for its emotional impact but also because it encapsulates a profound concept - the idea of persevering resiliently through difficulty. The Swedish word "hanskar," meaning gloves, has become a symbol conveying this powerful message of resilience.

Around the world, people face hardships including poverty, discrimination, disability, and loss. Stories of those who thrive in spite of challenges, who adapt to thrive within limiting environments, provide hope and inspiration. They remind people of the incredible resilience possible within the human spirit.

This young girl wearing heat-retaining gloves as she calmly splits wood represents far more than just her daily chore. She symbolizes courageous resilience and inspirational ability to support others even within adversity. The "hanskar" gloves she refuses to remove demonstrate maturity beyond her years.

This TikTok user has shared a story that resonates not through words but through a simple pair of gloves. The hanskar, by representing resilience and inspirational perseverance, embody a vital concept. The gloves convey a universal message relevant across cultures and situations. This is why the hanskar video has spread virally throughout social media around the world.


A Swedish word meaning "gloves," hanskar has now become loaded with symbolic meaning around resilience and inspirational human perseverance. The TikTok video showing a Santal girl completing chores while wearing heat-retaining gloves has gone viral by reminding viewers worldwide about inspirational stories of overcoming adversity. Beyond just gloves, the hanskar have become global symbols of the universal human capacity for finding strength and purpose even within great hardship. This simple video conveys a profound and far-reaching message explaining why it has resonated so powerfully with global audiences.


What does the word "hanskar" mean?

The word "hanskar" means "gloves" in Swedish.

What is the viral TikTok video showing?

The viral TikTok video shows a young Santal girl in India wearing thick gloves while doing daily chores like chopping wood and carrying heavy loads.

What is the message behind the "hanskar" video?

The video shows the girl's perseverance and resilience in wearing gloves to do hard work, suggesting she feels no pain. The gloves symbolize strength, responsibility, and inspirational resilience.

Why did this video go viral globally?

The video conveys a universal message about human resilience despite adversity that resonates across cultures. The gloves represent inspirational perseverance explaining the video's broad viral appeal.

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