Estée Lauder's Joyous Floral Fragrance Pleasures

Estée Lauder's Joyous Floral Fragrance Pleasures
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The Origins of Estée Lauder's Pleasures Perfume

In 1995, the iconic beauty brand Estée Lauder introduced a new feminine floral fragrance called Pleasures. It quickly became known for its fresh, youthful, and fun personality inspired by exotic flowers from around the world. Over 25 years later, Pleasures remains one of Lauder's most beloved scents.

Inspiration from Estée Lauder's Gardens

The creation of Pleasures started in the magnificent fragrance gardens at the Estée Lauder estate. Here, exotic blossoms like Baie Rose, Jasmine Maroc, Pink Peony, Purple Lilac, and White Lily of the Valley grow in breathtaking arrays. Estée Lauder would find inspiration while wandering this fragrant paradise, dreaming up new scent experiences.

For Pleasures, Lauder envisioned a sparkling floral perfume that evoked joy and lightheartedness. She tapped her team of expert perfumers to capture the fresh, dewy scent of flowers in bloom. An abundance of exotic petals gives Pleasures its happy personality.

Top Notes of Exotic Florals

The top notes immediately transport you to Lauder's magnificent gardens with vivid lime and exotic Baie Rose. Native to Madagascar, the Baie Rose plant produces a fruit that lends a lush, dewy green scent to perfumes. Under the lime and Baie Rose lingers the unmistakable tea-like aroma of Freesia, selected for its delicate, honey-tipped petals.

A Heart of Spring Flowers

As the bright citrus top notes fade, an effusion of colorful flowers emerge. Jasmine Maroc infuses the perfume with its creamy white blossoms and rich nectar. Pink Peony adds a fresh, green snap like dew dripping from the petals. Purple Lilac woven throughout lends Pleasures its magical, romantic scent of springtime.

Soothing White Florals

The base notes create a sense of peace and relaxation with comforting white florals. Estée Lauder’s favorite flower, White Lily of the Valley, adds its soft, warm honey fragrance. This is underscored by the tropical essence of exotic Ylang Ylang, known for its sweet, banana-like bouquet.

The Playful Spirit of Pleasures

Estée Lauder was inspired to create a scent that embodied happiness and the pleasure of stopping to enjoy all of life’s beautiful moments. For Lauder, the sheer bliss came from flowers, beauty, and the vibrancy of exotic gardens.

This inspiration breathes throughout the fragrance profile. Vibrant citrus and fruits mix playfully with spring blooms and comforting white florals. There is a youthful femininity and even a hint of mischief.

The Iconic Bottle Design

The bottle design echoes the playfulness captured inside. Turquoise, pink, and purple stones decorate the feminine oval bottle. The stones represent the multi-colored spectrum created when light passes through a prism, much like when walking through Lauder’s flower gardens.

A pink fabric bow tied around the neck adds softness while cursive font spells out the name. Each detail comes together to create an eye-catching bottle worthy of this dazzling floral elixir.

Fragrance Family and Style

Pleasures belongs to the floral fragrance family and is categorized as a fruity floral. It perfectly balances fresh citrus fruits with gentle white florals. The fruits add vibrancy and brightness, while the blooms lend femininity. There is even a splash of exotic flowers like Baie Rose that hint to faraway gardens filled with wondrous scents.

When to Wear

The fruity and floral notes make this fragrance ideal for spring and summer wear. It echoes the feeling of warm sunlight and blossoms bursting into bloom. Spritz it on for a lighthearted scent that boosts the spirits. The Eau de Toilette concentration means it wears close to the skin, perfect for hotter temperatures when delicate scents shine.

The Allure of Pleasures

Over 25 years after its launch, Pleasures continues to entice perfume lovers with its joyful personality. Fragrance Trends named it one of the Top Spring Fragrances and popular hashtags like #pleasuresesteelauder and #fragrancetok highlight its enduring popularity.

A Top-Selling Lauder Scent

Those looking to sample or add this perfume to their collection will find it widely available. As one of Lauder’s top sellers, you can shop Pleasures at major retailers as well as direct from the Estée Lauder website. Prices range from $68-$88 for the Eau de Toilette spray.

The success and longevity of this scent prove quality wins out. Over 25 years later, Pleasures continues to draw new generations of fans. Its sparkling personality and lush florals appeal across ages, making this a beloved rite of spring.

Try Other Iconic Lauder Scents

Fans of Pleasures will likely enjoy Estée Lauder’s other bright, feminine fragrances like Beautiful, Pure White Linen, and Bronze Goddess. Those who love the floral profile should also sample favourites like Modern Muse Le Rouge, Intuition, and Modern Muse Nuit Blanche.

With a prestigious fragrance portfolio spanning decades, Estée Lauder offers iconic scents for every preference and mood. Discover your next treasured perfume moment amongst Lauder’s extensive collections.


What fragrance family does Pleasures belong to?

Pleasures belongs to the floral fragrance family and is specifically categorized as a fruity floral perfume due to its mix of citrus top notes and floral heart and base notes.

What is the perfume concentration of Pleasures?

Pleasures is available as an Eau de Toilette spray. Eau de Toilettes have a lower fragrance concentration than Parfums, making them lighter and more subtle.

What season is Pleasures best suited for?

The vibrant citrus and floral notes make Pleasures ideal for spring and summer wear when fresh, fruity scents shine.

How can I purchase Pleasures?

As one of Estée Lauder's top selling fragrances, Pleasures is widely available at major beauty retailers and directly through the Estée Lauder website with prices ranging from $68-$88.

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