Auburn Championship Rings Honor College Football Excellence

Auburn Championship Rings Honor College Football Excellence
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The History of Auburn Championship Rings

Auburn University has a long and storied football history going back over 100 years. As members of the competitive Southeastern Conference (SEC), the Auburn Tigers have accumulated 12 conference championship titles and two national championship titles in 1957 and 2010.

Championship rings are a long-standing tradition in sports to commemorate winning a title. Auburn footballers and coaches who helped the school earn these impressive championships have been honored with custom-designed rings to celebrate their hard-earned victories.

The 1957 Auburn National Championship Ring

The 1957 squad went 10-0 under coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan. Led by quarterback Lloyd Nix, the Tigers outscored opponents 245-26 that season, including a 40-0 rout of Alabama in the Iron Bowl rivalry game. This dominant Tigers team was awarded the 1957 national championship by the Associated Press and United Press International.

The rings commemorating Auburn's first national title featured an orange stone signifying the school's famous Orange and Blue colors. One side displayed a football player running with a ball raised in victory while the opposite side read "National Champions" with the year "1957."

The 2010 BCS National Championship Ring

In 2010, Auburn claimed the school's second consensus national crown. Led by quarterback Cam Newton and under the guidance of coach Gene Chizik, the Tigers went a perfect 14-0. The season culminated in a wild 22-19 win over the Oregon Ducks in the BCS national championship game in Glendale, Arizona.

The 2010 championship ring was loaded with Auburn iconography and symbols. The blue stone represented the blue turf at Glendale's University of Phoenix stadium. One shank showed the final score while the other shank displayed the SEC logo and Alabama state outline. The inside of the ring was inscribed with "Auburn Tradition" and the season's motto "All In."

Customizing Auburn Football Rings

While national championship rings represent the ultimate prize in college football, Auburn players and coaches also receive rings for winning conference titles, bowl games, and achieving other team accomplishments. The die-struck rings' color schemes and engravings are tailored to the specific achievement.

SEC Championship Rings

Auburn has won 12 SEC championships, including four times since 2000 under coaches Tommy Tuberville and Gus Malzahn. SEC championship rings contain conference logos and engravings of the year and title. Rather than an orange stone, blue stones symbolizing the SEC's iconic color appear on these rings.

Bowl Game Rings

Auburn has appeared in 45 bowl games in its history, winning about 60% of these postseason contests. While not as prestigious as national or conference title rings, bowl rings allow players and coaches to memorialize winning efforts. Bowl rings list details like the game, opponent, score, and date.

Player Awards Rings

In addition to team accomplishments, individual players also receive rings for earning distinctions like All-American, All-SEC awards, and MVP titles. For example, quarterback Cam Newton received multiple rings from Auburn beyond the 2010 national championship ring when he won the Heisman Trophy and other player awards.

Auburn Ring Design Elements

All Auburn championship rings contain classic elements that make them instantly recognizable to fans, coaches, and former players. However, each new ring formed adds unique twists.

AU Logo

Nearly all Auburn rings prominently display the block "AU" logo associated with Auburn athletics. This simple, two-letter logo is an iconic part of Auburn football history easily recognized by all fans.

Eagle Head

As the Auburn mascot is the Tiger, a tiger or eagle head often appears on championship rings. The tiger head shows fierce determination befitting a powerful football squad while the eagle head represents the soaring aspirations of the Auburn program.

Toomer's Corner

No symbol better captures the Auburn spirit and experience than the famous Toomer's Corner on campus where fans roll the landmark Toomer's Oaks with toilet paper after big wins. Depictions of the beloved trees appear on many championship ring designs.

From the first championship ring created over 65 years ago to future rings not yet conceived of, Auburn football rings will always instantly connect players and fans through the symbols, mottos, and spirit unique to Auburn football. These special rings commemorate the blood, sweat and tears shed over seasons and careers in pursuing gridiron greatness wearing the orange and blue.


How many national championship titles does Auburn football have?

Auburn football has won two consensus national championship titles in its history, in 1957 and 2010.

Who was Auburn's quarterback when they won the 2010 national title?

Star quarterback Cam Newton led Auburn to a 14-0 record and the 2010 BCS national championship. Newton won the Heisman Trophy that season as well.

What symbol appears on most Auburn championship rings?

Nearly all Auburn championship rings feature the classic "AU" logo associated with Auburn University athletics. This simple two-letter logo is iconic for Auburn football.

What do the different stones on Auburn rings stand for?

Auburn championship rings typically feature either an orange or blue stone. Orange represents the school's famous colors, while blue symbolizes the blue turf at the stadium where they won the 2010 national title.

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