A Vinyl Siding Journey in Mountain Fern on a Snowy Christmas Eve

A Vinyl Siding Journey in Mountain Fern on a Snowy Christmas Eve
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As the snow fell softly on Christmas Eve morning, vinyl siding contractor Patrick Maxim found himself with an interesting task ahead - siding an entire single family home from top to bottom before the holiday arrived. The homeowners had an ambitious timeline, hoping to have a fresh new exterior completed in time for Christmas. While many take the holiday off, Patrick was up for the challenge of tackling the job in less than ideal winter conditions. In this article, I'll share Patrick's journey vinyl siding the home in Alside's Mountain Fern color on that snowy Christmas Eve day in New England.

Arriving at the Work Site

When Patrick first pulled up to the home, light snowflakes were still drifting down from the overcast sky. A festive light dusting of powder covered the ground and bare tree branches. Upon inspecting the house, he saw that some minor repairs had been completed to surfaces in need of attention. Windows had also been caulked and prepped for trims to be installed. Overall the structure was in good shape to receive its fresh new coat of siding.

Selecting the Siding Material and Color

For this particular job, Patrick chose to use Alside's D4 profile vinyl siding. This type of siding offers a traditional clapboard appearance that would complement the style of the home. In terms of color, he selected Alside's Mountain Fern hue which is a deep, rich green shade. Patrick felt this earthy color would look lovely against the natural elements surrounding the house. It would also help the home blend in nicely with the surrounding forested landscape even in the winter months.

Preparing for Installation

Before hanging any siding, Patrick had some preparations to complete. He started by installing J-channels around all the windows, doors, and corners of the home where siding butts up against other materials. Precision is key when putting up trims, so he took his time measuring and cutting channels to fit each opening perfectly. Next, he had to erect scaffolding along the sides and rear of the two-story home to allow safe accessibility to all areas during installation.

The Looming Deadline

As Patrick worked, lightly falling snow continued throughout the morning hours. By early afternoon, several inches had accumulated on the ground. Checking his watch, he realized evening would be upon him quickly with sunset approaching at 4pm in New England in late December. In order to stay on schedule, Patrick knew he'd need to work efficiently to vinyl side the entire house before nightfall. With high winds also forecast, he worried about worsening weather slowing his progress. It was going to be a race against time and the elements to finish before Christmas!

Installing the First Rows of Siding

Gloved-up and ready to begin, Patrick started hanging the siding around 1pm after trims and prep work were complete. He began at the bottom corner of the home and worked methodically upward. The first few rows went up smoothly as he adjusted to the rhythmic repetition of cutting, bending, and locking panels into place. Having performed this task countless times before, it started to feel routine. That is, until the quickly falling temperatures began to take their toll...

Challenges Emerge in the Cold

As the afternoon wore on, Patrick noticed the stiffening vinyl becoming more difficult to manipulate with his hands. The siding didn't want to flex around curves and lock together as easily as when first starting. His digits also lost feeling faster in the bitter cold, requiring more frequent breaks by the warming truck to thaw numb fingers. Gusting winds also whipped up blowing snow, making seeing the installation lines a challenge. It was becoming clear this was no normal siding job - it was a true winter battle against the elements.

Pushing Through Adversity

Undaunted by obstacles, Patrick persevered hour after hour with sheer determination to finish before dark. He worked smarter by taking more breaks to warm up. Highlighter tape was deployed to mark lines visible through falling snow. Thicker gloves provided added insulation. Slowly but surely, row by row, the home became completely encased in its new Mountain Fern skin. Just as the sky began fading to dusk, Patrick locked the final panel into place atop a ladder. His work here was done - just in the nick of time on Christmas Eve!

A Job Well Done

With the home looking freshly sided from top to bottom, Patrick took a moment to admire his handiwork before packing up for the day. Though it had been a long battle, he felt immense pride and satisfaction for completing the ambitious project, even through less than ideal conditions. As the first holiday stars twinkled in the night sky, Patrick knew the homeowners would be thrilled waking up to their new exterior finished, just as promised, on Christmas morning. With dedication and perseverance, any job can be accomplished - even on snowy winter holidays!

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