The Best Gifts for Beach Bums: Gear, Decor, and More

The Best Gifts for Beach Bums: Gear, Decor, and More
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Gear Up for Beach Life with These Gift Ideas

For beach lovers who live for saltwater, sand between their toes, and sunset sessions, gearing up with the right equipment can make all the difference. The ocean beckons year-round, not just during busy summer months, so true beach bums know to come prepared. Lucky for gift givers, there's plenty to choose from when picking presents for the surfers, swimmers, fishermen and seashell collectors in your life.

Must-Have Beach Accessories

A day at the beach isn't complete without the necessary accessories. Help your favorite beach goer gear up with these gift ideas:

  • Sunglasses - Protect their eyes from harsh rays with stylish shades from brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, or Sunski.
  • Sun hat - A wide-brim hat keeps the sun off their face and neck when out on the water or shore.
  • Beach towel - No sandy shakeouts with a top-quality Turkish cotton or microfiber beach towel.
  • Beach bag - Tote gear to and from the coast conveniently with a waterproof barrel bag or canvas tote.
  • Water shoes - Let them walk the beach and wade into the surf comfortably with athletic water shoes.

Beach Life Home Decor

Bring seaside vibes into any beach bum's home with interior additions like:

  • Wall art - Canvas prints of ocean waves or scenic beaches make stunning art pieces.
  • Driftwood decor - Give their space a coastal touch with real or faux bleached driftwood accents.
  • Seashell wreaths - Handmade wreaths decorated with seashells or sea glass are gorgeous on walls or doors.
  • Sand jar candles - Fill apothecary jars with sand and a candle for natural, beach-inspired decor.
  • Photo display - Show off their favorite beach pics in pretty frames or string lights around printed photos.

Gifts to Up Their Water Sport Game

Avid surfers, paddleboarders, and ocean swimmers deserve gifts to help them excel at their favorite water sports. Use these ideas to help the ocean athlete in your life progress:

Surfing Essentials

From catching waves to hanging ten, fuel their stoke with these surf staples:

  • Surfboard - A new board lets them shred waves in style (consider their skill level).
  • Surfboard racks - Help them store multiple boards at home with wall-mounted racks.
  • Surfboard socks - Protect their board during transport or storage with a snug stretchy sock.
  • Surfboard leash - Attach their ankle to board so they don't lose it in big surf.
  • Wetsuits and booties - Let them comfortably surf year-round with thermal neoprene suits.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Gear

Outfit paddleboarding pros with these useful accessories:

  • Paddleboard - Pick an inflatable or solid SUP board suited for their experience level.
  • Paddle - Correct paddle sizing prevents injury and fatigue while paddling.
  • Life jacket - A USCG-approved life vest with harness tie-in rings keeps them safe offshore.
  • Dry bag - Safely stow keys, phone, and other essentials in a waterproof paddling bag.
  • Ankle leash - Avoid losing boards to waves or wind with a sturdy ankle leash.

Beach Vacation Accessories

Even during downtime on tropical getaways, beach lovers need the right gear. Ensure they're covered on future oceanside vacations with these creative gift ideas:

Tropical Drinkware

Sipping island cocktails or fizzy seltzers on the sand calls for festive glassware like:

  • Coconut cups - Serve pina coladas and daiquiris in natural coconut shell cups with straws.
  • Beach thermos - Keep cold drinks chilled for hours outdoors with an insulated, stainless steel thermos.
  • Wine tumblers - Unbreakable stainless steel stemless tumblers are perfect for beach wine time.
  • Cocktail kits - Craft tropical drinks, complete with shaker, muddler, glasses, and more.

Relaxation Essentials

What better place than a soothing beachside locale to kick back? Brighten their relaxation routine with:

  • Beach mat - Cushion hard sand underneath with a padded, water-resistant ground mat.
  • Inflatable pillow - Rest their head in comfort with a blow-up pillow made for the sand.
  • Beach blanket - A huge, lightweight blanket gives them space to sprawl seaside.
  • Packable hammock - String up an ultra-portable parachute hammock between palm trees.
  • Waterproof speaker -Amp up beach jams from their phone with a Bluetooth floating speaker.

The ocean's siren song calls beach lovers year-round. With this wide range of gift ideas, you can outfit the beach bum in your life for all their seaside adventures, whether surfing, vacationing, or just soaking up the surf and sun.


What are some home decor gifts for beach lovers?

Some home decor gift ideas for beach bums include: wall art featuring ocean waves or beach scenes, driftwood accents, seashell-decorated pieces, sand-filled candle jars, picture frames for favorite seaside photos, and string lights around beachy prints.

Should I buy a surfboard for someone new to surfing?

When gifting a surfboard to a beginner surfer, consider buying a used "soft top" foam board which is safer and more durable for learning. A new performance board is an expensive gift that should wait until they progress in skill level.

What is included in a cocktail kit for the beach?

A cocktail kit for beach vacations typically contains barware tools like a shaker, muddler, stirring spoon, strainer, shot glasses or tumblers, garnish picks, recipe cards, and ingredients to make tropical drinks like rum, triple sec, bitters, mixers, etc.

Where can I find unique beach towels?

Interesting, high-quality beach towels are available from retailers like Slowtide, Lionliness, Sand Cloud, On the Beach, and Nomads Nation. Look for oversized towels in Turkish cotton or microfiber with colorful, artistic designs.

What are inflatable pillows made for?

Inflatable pillows for the beach allow comfortable head and neck support while sunbathing or relaxing on the sand. They inflate with air and often have soft, velour-like surfaces to cushion and avoid sticking to skin or hair.

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