Martini Dog Toys: The Fun New Trend for Canines

Martini Dog Toys: The Fun New Trend for Canines
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All About Martini Dog Toys

Martini dog toys have become a popular toy choice for dog owners. These unique plush toys are designed to look like a martini glass filled with a soft and cuddly stuffed olive. Martini dog toys first grew in popularity thanks to photos spreading on social media of dogs happily carrying around their new favorite toy. Now, these martini-inspired dog toys are sold by many major pet retailers and dog toy companies.

Origins of the Martini Dog Toy

The origins of the martini dog toy trend can be traced back to 2019. A company called the Furry Gods of the Universe released a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of their new product: a plush martini glass toy filled with a stuffed olive for dogs. The campaign quickly went viral thanks to the funny product photos featuring dogs excitedly playing with their new martini toys.

The crowdfunding campaign was a huge success and the Furry Gods of the Universe sold thousands of their newly dubbed “Sippy Cups.” Photos and videos of dogs and their Sippy Cup martini toys spread rapidly across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Pet owners and dog lovers everywhere wanted to get their hands on these silly martini-inspired toys for their own pups.

Popularity and Growth

It didn’t take long for other pet toy companies to pick up on the viral success of the martini dog toy concept. More and more brands began to release their own versions of the popular Sippy Cup toy. Major retailers like Target, Walmart, and PetSmart also quickly added martini toys for dogs to their product offerings.

Nowadays, martini style dog toys come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. You can find styles made to look like actual martini glasses, bones shaped like martini glasses, rubber martini toys, and plush olives or lemon slices to use as fillers inside a plush martini glass. While the original Sippy Cup design featured a white plush glass with a green olive, today's martini dog toys are available in almost any color combination you can think of.

Why Dogs Love Martini Toys

There are several reasons why martini toys have become such a major hit in the dog toy market.

For one thing, the unique shape and design stands out from standard plush toys. The toy's resemblance to an actual human martini glass seems to hold some kind of hilarious allure and appeal for many dogs. Additionally, martini dog toys typically feature multiple toy components such as the glass and olive pieces. This allows for more interactive play as dogs can focus their attention on squeaking or biting one item at a time.

The martini shape also allows the toy to be easily picked up and carried. Dogs love carrying around their toys like prized possessions and martini dog toys are perfectly sized for walking around while gripped gently in a dog's mouth.

Safety First

When buying any dog toy, it's important to keep safety in mind. Be sure to select martini style dog toys that are made from dog-safe, durable materials. Many martini dog toys feature soft plush exteriors with stiff inserts to help them hold their shape. Look for insert materials like plastic rather than anything which could splinter or leak stuffing if damaged. Monitoring your dog during play is also key to prevent choking hazards or accidental consumption of toy pieces.

Where to Buy a Martini Dog Toy

Thanks to the mainstream success of the martini dog toy craze, these silly toys can now be purchased from numerous major retailers both online and in physical stores. Here are some top recommended places to buy a martini style dog toy.

Pet and Pet Supply Stores

Most national pet store chains now carry martini toys. Visit your local PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus or neighborhood pet supplies store. The selection may vary by location but you're likely to spot martini dog toys mixed in alongside other popular plush toys.

Online Pet Retailers

Prefer to shop for pet products from the comfort of home? Check out and PetFlow for a wide array of martini dog toys spanning multiple brands, colors, sizes and styles. Delivery is quick too - usually just 1 or 2 days via services like FedEx.

General Online Retail Sites

Mainstream online stores like Amazon, and all carry an array of martini style dog toys these days. Browse each site's pet toys section to view selections. Amazon tends to have the largest inventory when it comes to martini dog toys so it's a great option if you're looking for a specific size, color or design.

Popular Brands of Martini Dog Toys

Dozens of toy companies now feature martini dog toys as part of their product lineup. Here is an overview of some of the most popular martini style dog toy brands to look out for.

Furry Gods of the Universe

This is the company credited with first designing and manufacturing the original viral martini dog toy concept back in 2019. Their signature Sippy Cup design remains highly coveted among pet owners thanks to its hilarious and high-quality construction.


Multipet makes the famous Lambchop plush dog toy and they also offer a great selection of creative martini toys. Check out their Olive My Martini and Martini Time toys for your pup!

Downtown Pet Supply

Based in Los Angeles, Downtown Pet Supply's plush martini dog toys are hand sewn in California using unique, eyecatching fabric prints you won't find with major mass-market brands.

Tips for Safe Play

To ensure your pup stays safe while enjoying hours of fun with their new martini toy, be sure to follow these tips:

Supervise Play

As with any new toy, supervise your dog during initial play sessions with a martini toy. This allows you to ensure they don't attempt to tear off or consume any small parts or fillings.

Remove Damaged Toys

Inspect toys frequently for damage and discard any martini toys with loose seams, stuffing peeking out or cracked plastic inserts to prevent choking hazards or intestinal blockages if swallowed.

Mind the Noise

Some martini style dog toys feature noisy plastic inserts or crinkle paper fillers. If the crinkling sound seems to stress your dog, look for a silent stuffing alternative.

Martini dog toys make a fun addition to any dog's toy box! Follow these safety guidelines while having a martini-themed playtime party with your four-legged best friend.


What size martini dog toy should I get?

Martini dog toys come in sizes ranging from small to extra large. Choose a size that's appropriate for your dog's breed and size. Make sure the toy is not small enough to pose a choking hazard but also not so giant that your small dog can't comfortably carry the toy.

How long do martini dog toys last?

With proper care and supervision during play, a quality martini dog toy should last for many months of enjoyment. Be sure to discard any toys showing wear and tear to prevent safety issues from damaged parts.

Can my puppy have a martini dog toy?

Yes, but supervise carefully. The small parts pose more of a choking risk for puppies. Remove stuffing/inserts if your puppy is aggressive with toys. Wait until the puppy matures before giving toys with plastic inserts.

What is the best stuffing for stuffable martini toys?

Look for a synthetic stuffing labelled as dog-safe if your martini toy can be stuffed. Avoid polyfills, beans, rice or pellets as dogs might consume them if interior seams rip. Dog-safe synthetic stuffings resist mold and bacteria too.

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